Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off he goes...

It's that time of year where parents around the country are celebrating or lamenting the fact that their college kid has returned to school. Me, I fall in the middle. While I miss him when he's gone he does get home often so it's not too bad. His college is only 30 minutes away. We sometimes run out there to take him out to dinner. His older brother's university was almost 3 hours away. Good thing he's close because the last thing I thought he would forget is what was left behind at home. It's his lifeline, no young adult can be without it. He left his phone at home so back we went to get it. Now if it were his brother that did that, UPS would be paying him a visit.

The annual back to school photo op. It's taken place on this spot for the last 19 years. Cody will miss Cameron terribly and will mope around for a week or so, wander into his bedroom looking for him and sit and stare out the window waiting for his return. I think he takes it harder than I do.

Loaded and ready to roll.

Remember this post ?
Well hallelujah Cam's dorm room is down right palatial compared to last years. It's nice and bright, there isn't 25 years worth of grime on the windows, you don't need 3 lights on in the middle of the day to see and you don't feel like you live in a cave. He's on the fifth floor and while the common area of the suite is larger than last year (he's in a 6 person rather than 4 like last year) the actual bedrooms are smaller. But who cares? Not me! I'm so pleased that he's got a good room. I feel bad for the freshman who's been put in last years room, I'm sure his/her mother cried just like I did. Don't worry, next year will be so much better.


Kitten Herder said...

He looks so much older than last year, even.