Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm not really a tomato lover although I like ketchup but Heinz only. Tomatoes have to be firm and meaty, none of that jelly like stuff with the seeds in them. Hubby planted some cherry tomatoes this season. They're okay he says but the variety he planted apparently don't turn red when ripe but orange. He has a thing about color, in his mind tomatoes are supposed to be red.
Our dog seems to like tomatoes also. Early in the season there were a few orange ones near the bottom of the plant. We didn't pick them because we thought they were still ripening. Well they never did turn red but one day we go outside and the ripe tomatoes are gone. Cody, the tomato eating dog had struck for the second year.
He's checking them out to see what's ripe. I'm not sure how he knows.

He can't deny the evidence, that's a tomato seed on his mouth.
On an unrelated note; we went to the movies and saw Julie & Julia over the weekend and it's a wonderful movie. I'd give it a 10! If you're not familiar with Julia Child check out some of her videos on YouTube before you see the flick. Meryl Streep does a great job as Julia. The voice and mannerisms are right on.


Kitten Herder said...

Tomato-eating dog? Nice!