Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two Ships That Pass in the Day

One thing I love about visiting the 1000 Islands is the ships on the St. Lawrence River. They're either on their way to ports along the Great Lakes or outbound towards the ocean. I happen to live on Lake Ontario but see no ships since they're sailing way out.

My view of Lake Ontario from the beach.
For years we camped at Keewaydin State Park in Alexandria Bay and you could watch the ships go by. The shipping channel was about a quarter mile from shore. Since we sold our camper we stay at the Channelsyde Motel and true to their claim to fame, they are right on the channel and even closer than the park. I lounged waiting for ships to pass and wasn't disappointed.
Here comes one now...

right out in front...

another ship coming from the oposite direction snuck up on me while I was watching the red one.

going, going, gone.

A ghost ship heading out of the St. Lawrence River into Lake Ontario. This is actually the blue ship I saw before. We headed out to Cape Vincent about 20 miles away right after it went by us in Alex Bay.
One of my most favorite vacations ever was when as a kid we camped at a park on the St. Mary's River in Michigan. Many ships passed by everyday on their to and from the Soo Locks. I bought a book entitiled "Know Your Ships" and learned all I could about them. It also had a listing of the ships that sail the Great Lakes. I recently dug that book out and I had written my name and the year 1973 inside and had 91 ships checked off as seeing. Today I don't think the shipping traffic is what it once was but I want to plan another trip out there.


S said...

Beautiful photos. I enjoyed this post very much.

Kitten Herder said...

I love your photos. I can't believe that summer is nearly over.