Friday, June 08, 2012

Going, going, almost gone...

After living in our home for 29 years, raising our two sons and several dogs we've decided to sell our house.
We've thought about it off and on for the last several years but when push came to shove I couldn't do it. Too many memories, this is the only house my children have ever known. I remember years ago when my parents moved out of my childhood home; I hated that. It was a sad day and I didn't even live at home anymore. 

 Hubby and I were married just a year when we bought this house. We've cycled through countless remodels and paint jobs over the years. Hubby is very handy and has put down three tile floors, one hardwood floor and installed carpet. He's replaced our bathtub, toilets, done a glass tile back splash, built a beautiful oak banister going upstairs so there's a lot of sweat equity here.

The tipping point finally came now that my knees are getting pretty bad. Every where you go in our house you  have to climb stairs. That and I've realized that your house is just a place to live in, no matter where you are if you're with someone you love its home.

We aren't moving far, maybe 15 minutes away into a new subdivision. The new place will be just a little smaller but will have everything I want once its built; a bathroom off the master bedroom, one level, first floor laundry, open floor plan and what Hubby is most excited about, a two car garage.

Our current house is almost sold, waiting on their banks appraisal and mortgage commitment. We can't put the shovel in the ground until that happens. The buyers want to close at the end of July and our new place won't be ready. We'll be living with my parents for about 2-3 months.