Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Real World

My recent college graduate got a job!
And a new wardrobe. 
 He starts Tuesday as a paralegal at a law firm in downtown Rochester.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Class of 2012

Tis the season all over the country for high school and college graduations. Our youngest son Cameron graduated from college last week end cum laude with a degree in English. The ceremony was held outside and the weather couldn't have been better; warm and sunny with a nice breeze. They told the students to dress comfortably for the weather and he did; t shirt, shorts and sneakers.
A boy and his dog on the day he left home for his freshman year in college.
Four years later; a man and his dog.
Four years ago he fell asleep at his brothers college graduation. Four years later his brother stayed awake but played scramble with some friends. Not that he was the only one, Cameron played a few games of it with his cousin during the ceremony while names were being read and students were walking.

Sniffle, sniff during Pomp and Circumstance.

I can hardly believe that I am the mother of two college graduates. How time flies!

And now a message to all graduates about spell check; it doesn't catch all mistakes. I've experienced that several times but the most memorable had to be when I sent a note home to the parents of my kindergartners. What should have been a simple note turned embarrassing. I wanted to  use the word inconvenience and I spelled it wrong. Relying on spell check I just clicked on the first word that came up. Here was my  sentence -  "I'm sorry for any incontinence this may have caused".   That pales in comparison to the spelling blunder made by the University of Texas.

Can you spot the spelling error that I'm positive didn't come up during spell check.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Some people will fore go planting the very fragrant and beautiful peony in their garden because they attract ants.

It's true; they do attract ants but only for a short while. While in the bud stage the peony secrets a sweet sap or nectar that the ants love to dine on.
Once the flower has bloomed the ants hit the road. If by chance you still have a few in the flower and you'd like to cut it for inside just shake the flower or dip the flower in a buck of water and the ants will swim out.

It's a myth that peonies need ants to bloom, not true, they'll bloom with or without the ants. Most of the time where you find peonies you'll find ants enjoying a sweet little snack.

Friday, May 04, 2012

This is the remains of Captain Bruce K. Clark who was killed in Afghanistan this week arriving at Dover Air Force Base. He was skyping with his wife on Tuesday, May 1 when he was shot and killed. Yes, I said while they were video chatting.
I found out these details on Tuesday morning although the general public found out 3 days later. Why was the Army so slow in reporting this? How did I know? The parent of one of my kindergartners. She arrived late to pick up her daughter at 11:30 hysterical after having just talked to her sister in Texas. Captain Clark was married to her sister and is my student's uncle.  No other information has been released at this time. I spoke with the parent today and the Army is still investigating.

Such a sad sad story as any soldier's death is but how many of us would want to witness their loved one's murder. I say murder because what else can it be? Friendly fire? Someone cleaning their gun? I just feel so bad for this man and his family left behind.