Sunday, November 29, 2009

Say It Ain't So

Once again we see a celebrity receiving preferential treatment from the police. Case in point this time is Tiger Woods. He's involved in a motor vehicle accident in the wee hours of the morning, taken away in an ambulance, stitched up and returned home but will not talk to the police. Friday the police came to his home to speak with him about it and were told Tiger was unavailable, Saturday his agent told authorities to come back tomorrow. Hmmm, now it's too late for a breathalyzer test.
According to reports and how much of this is true I don't know because Woods remains mum; he backed out of his driveway in his Cadillac SUV, proceeded to hit a fire hydrant and a neighbor's tree. The accident was bad enough that his wife had to break into the car with a golf club to get the unconscious golfer out. Sounds like to me he may have been going pretty fast to do that amount of damage being only "spitting distance" from his home. Something fishy is going on here. Why didn't the police follow him to the hospital? I was in an accident once and they questioned the other driver in the emergency room. BTW, not my fault, she pulled out in front of me after she stopped at a stop sign. I hit her in the front passenger fender going about 25 mph. Thank goodness I was driving a Dodge Caravan and not a Cadillac SUV because my only injuries were bruises and broken glasses from the air bag deployment. None of the 4 children with me were hurt but the van was totaled.
On Saturday I got my Star magazine in the mail. (Yes, I have a subscription, go ahead and roll your eyes, of course I don't believe half of what's in it but it's my cheap entertainment and I love the big crossword puzzle.) I happen to come across this little story:
Coincidence I wonder? The day the magazine hits newsstands Tiger gets in his fender bender. Here's my theory and of course it's just conjecture on my part.
His wife finds out about the article (maybe she subscribes too :) and is furious. Whether she believes the story or not it gives the couple negative, unwanted attention. They fight, he goes to leave and she smashes in the back window of the vehicle with one of his clubs. Not so far fetched now eh? Maybe this is why they are putting the cops off.
All I can say is that IF this story is true Tiger is damn lucky she she only bashed in the window and not his head. We've seen it before, a powerful, rich man is done in because he thinks he's untouchable and can do what he pleases. Remember John Edwards, Bill Clinton, David Letterman, Jim Baker and the list goes on.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh Adam

Dear Adam,
Over the last year I've sung your praises, defended your sexuality and tried to convince people that you will sell records with your style and voice. Then you go and undo all my hard work with your antics on the American Music Awards.
For me it was pure raunch. I didn't like the S&M aspect of it, the man on all fours with a leash, ugh. The kiss, I could have done without that but I hated the simulated oral sex. HATED IT. I watched your interview on CBS after Good Morning America blew you off and I just didn't buy your justifications.
Obviously those escapades were not done in rehearsal because you knew as well as I do that you'd be told no way on live network TV. You say that there's a double standard because female singers a la Madonna and Brittany do it and get away with it. That may be true but that kiss happened on MTV, a cable channel which has a different viewing audience than ABC. FYI, growing up my sons weren't allowed to watch MTV because of the way many of the videos and music portrayed females. The disrespect, humiliation and violence against women was horrible. Maybe there is a double standard on female/female actions. For some reason, I've never met a man that didn't mind seeing girl on girl action but will freak out over guy/guy. And maybe there's been female performers who've simulated sex on stage but on a prime time music show?
I didn't like how you managed to blame the parents who let their children watch. Based on what I've seen of you on American Idol if my young one loved your music, as a special treat I'd let them stay up to see you perform. This was a side of you that not many have been privy to. I don't think many expected the adult content. If your intent was to shock and awe you succeeded.
Finally your assertion that you were discriminated against because you're gay is full of crap. There are many gay performers out there and some are pretty flamboyant, think Liberaci and Elton John in the 70's. In my humble opinion your conduct on stage didn't help the perception of gay people or advance gay rights at all. It may quite possibly have set them back a bit.
I still love your voice but please don't turn into another Boy George or fall from grace like George Michael.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Look what my sister has!
He's a 14 week old Golden. After several suggestions for names such as Dexter (my fave), Jethro (yuk), Brody and Murray they named him Cooper.

He joins Maisie who's 2 1/2 years old.
I love the smell of a puppy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do you like to read?

I can never understand why some people don't like to read. I've always been a prolific reader. As a kid my mom took me to the public library every Wednesday where I eventually checked out and read every Nancy Drew mystery they had. To this day I don't go anywhere without a book in case I have a few minutes to read. When my own boys were young I took them to the public library and have instilled a love of books. Hubby, he never reads and I blame his dad. As a kid his father made him read for 30 minutes after dinner every night before he could go out and play with the neighborhood kids. He hated that and fast forward to today, he doesn't enjoy reading at all and does as little as possible. I think that's so sad.
I'd gotten away from reading for awhile when I got into blogging and reading blogs as well as my addiction to Facebook and Farmville. I've decided I need to do more reading and have become a regular again at the library. What makes me look at a certain book? I don't judge a book by it's cover but I do by the title. The title has to pique my interest, then I read the inside front flap as well as the first page. I've got a bunch of favorite authors and one is Steven King although I like Dean Koontz a smidge better. S.K. has a new book out and was thrilled when I saw it on the new release shelf, as a matter of fact I was the first person to check it out. Thank goodness it wasn't a 7 day speed read book because this sucker is huge. And unusual.
For one thing there is nothing on the inside front or rear flap or back of the book to tell you anything about it. Ok, I like his books especially The Stand, Needful Things and the very scary It so I eagerly checked out the book.

Here's the thing; I gave up on this book. It has 1072 pages which doesn't intimidate me at all. I love long books but it was the weight. On the way to the library to return the book I stopped at the post office and weighed the tome on their digital scale. It weighed in at 3 lbs. 11.3 oz. Compared to a bag of sugar or flour at 5 lbs Under The Dome may seem light but for a book, that thing is heavy. I like to read in bed and holding it is awkward. Even sitting up it was a struggle to hold it. I hope King is successful with this endeavour but it's got a few strikes against it in my book. No pun intended :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

kindergarten Past and Present

Who knew that I would eventually end up back in kindergarten.
Kindergarten school picture 1963

Kindergarten school picture 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Way

People magazine has named their Sexiest Man Alive and I have 3 words to say...


Johnny Depp?



Of course it's all about what you think is sexy in a man and while I like long hair on the right guy I don't think stringy hair or facial hair that looks like a 16 year old's attempt at growing a beard is sexy. Not to mention he falls into my category of "Girly Man". What's a girly man? In my opinion it's a guy who has delicate features. Think Rob Pattinson or Rob Lowe. Maybe it's because I'm older than the average teen girl but I like the more mature, rugged, manly look and always have.

There's many things besides looks that make a man sexy, take the voice. I love a deep, deep voice. Especially if it's whispering in my ear.

John Travolta
Loved him in Urban Cowboy.

And a long time favorite, Emmit Smith. Not only good looking but a good person, uses his fame and fortune for good. Hmmm, must be I have a thing for cowboys in one form or another.

Who's on your list?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Everybody Likes It or Does It

There are people that dislike daylight savings time but I'm not one of them. They say it screws up their sleep schedule and moods but I honestly don't mind "fallling back" and have it get darker earlier for several reasons.

I love to be in my jammies. Once in a while on a Sunday I'll stay in them all day. When it gets dark early I can get into them at 5:30 and not feel guilty since it's dark out. Of course the downside is that if you have to go out it seems very late even though it's early evening.

The other reason I don't mind is that my living room is so warm and cozy. Three walls are painted cream and one is done with Firedance. It's an orange red color and makes it comfortable to curl up on the couch with a book.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm getting nervous about the weather. You see November in Western New York is famously dreary, wet and cold with very little sunshine. But the past 10 days and into this coming week it has been/will be sunny, dry and warm for this time of year. It's been frosty in the mornings but beautiful the rest of the day. That's what makes me nervous. Will we have to pay big time for this wonderfulness during this winter? Will it be extra snowy and cold come January and February? I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.
This is the backyard before all the leaves dropped. Our house has trees on two side and it makes for lots of leaves to rake. By the time the raking started the leaves were about 6 inches deep. The good thing is thanks to Mother Nature this fall they're dry and crisp rather than wet and heavy. Some years we have snow before they're off the trees and it doesn't melt until Spring. That makes for a mess.

This year in anticipation of said leaves being wet and heavy hubby recruited our youngest and three college friends to come rake and drag the leaves to the front for pick up by the town. The boys were lucky and they made short work of it. Here they are resting after their efforts.

A job well done and since they're still kids at heart they had to climb on the rocks along the back of the yard. Thanks guys! The yard is ready for winter.
PS. Mine is the kid with the goofy hat on.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Love NY

Have you ever been to New York City at Christmas time? If not it is worth every penny spent. The city is so alive and vibrant with holiday spirit. Hubby and I as well as two good friends of ours are going to NYC Dec. 10-12 and I can't wait. While I'd LOVE to stay in Manhattan it's just too pricey. We'll stay in Queens at The Verve Hotel. Which just so happens to be very near our son's apartment so I guess that's better than Manhattan. :) Speaking of the holidays, the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center arrived Thursday and was put into place.

It came from the property of fifth grade teacher, Maria Corti who resides in Easton Conn.
It's a 76 foot tall Norway spruce.

On the evening of December 2 30,000 lights will be lit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Thank you to all of our country's Veterans,
My father and father-in-law are US Army veterans as well as our nephew Tommy who served in the US Army 1996-2003 and is an Iraq War veteran. We're grateful you came home safely.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Is it really him?

Being the dedicated blogger that I am I never leave home without my camera. Especially when I go to Walmart. Never know what I could contribute to this site. Anyway, we had just come out of a store when I saw this guy out front waiting for the Mrs....

Is that who I think it is??
Can it be?

It was true!! It was him!
In case people couldn't figure it out his identity, check out his license plate.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday night and Saturday we did some Christmas shopping and put a decent dent in the gift giving, we also put a nice dent in the Christmas money. I don't know how people do Christmas if they don't save for it all year. We put money away every month. I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to do so and we're fortunate that we can.
Sunday the King of the Castle got up on the roof and blew leaves out of the gutter.
He's not crazy about going up there but I'm sure not going to do it.
The weather was absolutely beautiful. I need to find out where the weather is like this year around and move there. Only the leaves would still need to be on the trees.

Where's Cody?

Along the edge of the woods next to our house grows a patch of bittersweet. I usually cut some every year but this year I was too late, the berries were already falling off. Some milkweed got tangled up in it.

If you know me at all you'd know that I'm not a fan of fall, it's my least favorite season. I don't like how everything dies off, no more flowers or lush green trees. I hate naked trees, the only good thing about them is you can find some that are very uniquely shaped or have interesting bark.

One of the few things I do enjoy about fall other than a perfect sunny, warm day is the colors of fall. I'm not a pastel person at all, I'm all about deep vibrant colors. This Indian corn hangs on the front of my house. Usually by now some little critter has found it's way up to it and eats it but not this year. When my Boy Scout purchased evergreen wreath goes up in this spot I'll throw this out back for the squirrels to fight over.
I hope where ever you were this weekend it was as beautiful there
as it was here in Rochester, New York.

Friday, November 06, 2009

It's Good For The Soul

I have a confession to make. I don't floss. I hate to do it. For one thing I must be terribly uncoordinated because it's hard for me to do it. It's awkward and takes talent I guess. Talent I don't seem to have. I go to the dentist every six months and every six months the dental hygienist asks if I've been flossing. No I tell her and then before I leave I promise that I'll try to.

Well when I go to the dentist next week my hygienist will be pleasantly surprised. I've been flossing and it's all thanks to Jordan on Big Brother! You see when you win Head of Household on Big Brother you get a goody basket of things in your bedroom. One of the things she asked for was the Reach Flosser. When she used it I realized "OMG, I need that!"

It is so freakin easy to use. Just put it in your mouth and bite down. Now I floss all the time. Reading a book or blogs; floss my teeth at the same time, watch tv, floss my teeth. The dentist will be so happy that after 40 years of trying to get me to floss a silly TV show succeeded.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Leaves, Leaves and More Leaves

Our Japanese maple has dropped most of its leaves, it was so beautiful and seemed to glow but now the branches are naked and I can see my neighbor's house again.

Being surrounded by trees has its pros and cons. Providing shade on a hot summer day keeps our house cooler and they're home to all sorts of wildlife; cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers, orioles, squirrels etc. What we don't like is come fall all the leaves fall off those trees and require raking. It's a huge job and one that's only done once, when all the leaves are down. As you can see the backyard is covered and still lots of leaves on the trees. There have been years when the raking didn't get done because winter made an early appearance and the ground was covered with snow November through March. This year we're picking up the youngin' from college along with a few of his suitemates and they're going to rake for us. Sure it will cost us pizza and wings and a few bucks too but it'll be worth it.

Today we had some nice sleet coming down.

At least the front yard has been raked. That's our Japanese maple tree.
Still hoping for an Indian Summer.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I've given my blog some thought and have decided that I'll continue to update it. I do enjoy it, and who knows someday I or someone close to me may want to look back at my thoughts and opinions. I love to take pictures and share them with others so the blog stays. Thanks to those that offered up support and suggestions. Anywho...

H1N1 has arrived with a vengeance. The school year started out slow with it but over the last week the virus had blossomed. We have a little over 500 students in my school and today 87 were out sick. Three that I know of have been hospitalized. The nurse's office was standing room only with sick kids waiting to be picked up. This flu hits hard, my niece had it for 9 days with pneumonia on top of it. My nephew has it now. I don't know one child or adult that has been able to get the vaccine. I'm worried for the children that have a chronic illness and the fear their parents are going through. I'm scared for my boys and they're healthy. If my college sophomore gets sick we have to go and get him, they don't want them in the dorms. My other son the nurse debated on whether to get the shot, decided to do so but now there aren't enough at the hospital for all the health care workers. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Proud Moment

Today the USS New York LPD21 sailed into New York City up the Hudson River. What's so special about that? This ship was built with scrap steel from the World Trade Center. The USS New York has a crew of 361 sailors, can carry 700 combat ready Marines and all their equipment. As she came up the river she paused at the site of the terrorist attack and a 21 gun salute was fired off to honor the people killed in the attacks as well as hundreds of NYFD, NYPD, first responders and families that stood ashore watching her sail in. Oh how I wish I was there. It gave me chills just watching it on TV. While the New York is tied up at Pier 88 you can go aboard and tour the ship free of charge. She will be formally commissioned and inducted into the US Navy on Saturday, November 7.

The ship's motto?
Strength Forged Through Sacrifice.
Never Forget