Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh Adam

Dear Adam,
Over the last year I've sung your praises, defended your sexuality and tried to convince people that you will sell records with your style and voice. Then you go and undo all my hard work with your antics on the American Music Awards.
For me it was pure raunch. I didn't like the S&M aspect of it, the man on all fours with a leash, ugh. The kiss, I could have done without that but I hated the simulated oral sex. HATED IT. I watched your interview on CBS after Good Morning America blew you off and I just didn't buy your justifications.
Obviously those escapades were not done in rehearsal because you knew as well as I do that you'd be told no way on live network TV. You say that there's a double standard because female singers a la Madonna and Brittany do it and get away with it. That may be true but that kiss happened on MTV, a cable channel which has a different viewing audience than ABC. FYI, growing up my sons weren't allowed to watch MTV because of the way many of the videos and music portrayed females. The disrespect, humiliation and violence against women was horrible. Maybe there is a double standard on female/female actions. For some reason, I've never met a man that didn't mind seeing girl on girl action but will freak out over guy/guy. And maybe there's been female performers who've simulated sex on stage but on a prime time music show?
I didn't like how you managed to blame the parents who let their children watch. Based on what I've seen of you on American Idol if my young one loved your music, as a special treat I'd let them stay up to see you perform. This was a side of you that not many have been privy to. I don't think many expected the adult content. If your intent was to shock and awe you succeeded.
Finally your assertion that you were discriminated against because you're gay is full of crap. There are many gay performers out there and some are pretty flamboyant, think Liberaci and Elton John in the 70's. In my humble opinion your conduct on stage didn't help the perception of gay people or advance gay rights at all. It may quite possibly have set them back a bit.
I still love your voice but please don't turn into another Boy George or fall from grace like George Michael.


Gman said...

I don't know what to say after witnessing that.I was hoping he would show us he was a mature, seasoned artist that wanted to showcase his talents, not make a political statement. I sincerely hope he takes the high road from now on and shows us why he should have won that last season of American Idol...