Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday night and Saturday we did some Christmas shopping and put a decent dent in the gift giving, we also put a nice dent in the Christmas money. I don't know how people do Christmas if they don't save for it all year. We put money away every month. I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to do so and we're fortunate that we can.
Sunday the King of the Castle got up on the roof and blew leaves out of the gutter.
He's not crazy about going up there but I'm sure not going to do it.
The weather was absolutely beautiful. I need to find out where the weather is like this year around and move there. Only the leaves would still need to be on the trees.

Where's Cody?

Along the edge of the woods next to our house grows a patch of bittersweet. I usually cut some every year but this year I was too late, the berries were already falling off. Some milkweed got tangled up in it.

If you know me at all you'd know that I'm not a fan of fall, it's my least favorite season. I don't like how everything dies off, no more flowers or lush green trees. I hate naked trees, the only good thing about them is you can find some that are very uniquely shaped or have interesting bark.

One of the few things I do enjoy about fall other than a perfect sunny, warm day is the colors of fall. I'm not a pastel person at all, I'm all about deep vibrant colors. This Indian corn hangs on the front of my house. Usually by now some little critter has found it's way up to it and eats it but not this year. When my Boy Scout purchased evergreen wreath goes up in this spot I'll throw this out back for the squirrels to fight over.
I hope where ever you were this weekend it was as beautiful there
as it was here in Rochester, New York.