Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm getting nervous about the weather. You see November in Western New York is famously dreary, wet and cold with very little sunshine. But the past 10 days and into this coming week it has been/will be sunny, dry and warm for this time of year. It's been frosty in the mornings but beautiful the rest of the day. That's what makes me nervous. Will we have to pay big time for this wonderfulness during this winter? Will it be extra snowy and cold come January and February? I'll just enjoy it while it lasts.
This is the backyard before all the leaves dropped. Our house has trees on two side and it makes for lots of leaves to rake. By the time the raking started the leaves were about 6 inches deep. The good thing is thanks to Mother Nature this fall they're dry and crisp rather than wet and heavy. Some years we have snow before they're off the trees and it doesn't melt until Spring. That makes for a mess.

This year in anticipation of said leaves being wet and heavy hubby recruited our youngest and three college friends to come rake and drag the leaves to the front for pick up by the town. The boys were lucky and they made short work of it. Here they are resting after their efforts.

A job well done and since they're still kids at heart they had to climb on the rocks along the back of the yard. Thanks guys! The yard is ready for winter.
PS. Mine is the kid with the goofy hat on.