Friday, October 30, 2009

Heavy Sigh

This is my 563rd post and I think I've lost my blogging mojo. Maybe I never really had any to begin with.

I don't have many readers and just don't know how to get more. I've done what has been suggested and people find me but I guess they're not blog readers, just people searching different topics and I happen to have written about it. I'm not funny and don't write lyrical prose, just average.


I like to voice my thoughts and opinions, I love to hear the thoughts and opinions of others as well as the dialog that a blog can open but when that doesn't really happen it's disappointing. People don't take the time to comment. Maybe because I don't write about any drama in my life. I really don't have any now except the occasional flack with a sister. At one time I had lots of it but didn't have a blog and maybe wouldn't have shared it with the blog-o-sphere.


I read a decent amount of blogs and I try and leave comments but when there are already 50+ comments there and I agree with what many have said I just don't leave any. Sometimes I have a comment all typed and ready to post and I delete it. I don't know why. Maybe I should look for new blogs that aren't so big. It feels weird to me to read others, leave comments and it's like I don't exist to them. They don't bother to check me out. Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Maybe now isn't the time to ponder the future of this space.


For the most part I didn't used to care about all this. I wrote for myself and posted pictures I took and still do but has the fun gone out of it? Has it run it's course? I hope not because I truly did/do enjoy blogging.


As I said I do have a few loyal readers and thank you, you know who you are. I'm always grateful for your input.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day

It's Columbus Day and I have it off from school. I've been busy today cleaning, cleaning things I don't usually clean because they're a pain in the neck but...
my parents had their house up for sale and it sold. They're moving into a townhouse that isn't built yet but no problem because they leave for Florida October 28 and will be there through April. Except here's the thing, they close on the house October 15. That means they'll be homeless for 13 days. Well not really because they're coming to stay with me and hubby. He's a good sport because there is no way that I could deal with his parents living with us for one day let alone thirteen!
Back to cleaning. My cup and saucer collection is very special to me. I have some from my grandmother, mom , dear old neighbor as well as some I bought at antique shows. My kitchen has the perfect window to display them but they're a pain in the neck to clean. I don't put them in the dishwasher, I hand wash and dry each piece. I only do it twice a year or so for that reason. As long as no one does the white glove test on the glass shelves I can get away with it. But when someone disturbs the protective coating of dust then I have to clean them. Someone in my house will do that and when I find out who it is, they will help me clean.

The second one from the left in the back was my grandmother's. She bought it to celebrate 50 years of marriage to my grandfather. They've both been gone over 25 years and I still miss them. I had a dream just last week with them in it and I woke up in the most peaceful and happy mood. The fourth one in the back is from an elderly neighbor, that I took care of for years, driving her to appointments, doing her laundry, bringing her dinner etc. and Mrs. Rowland was originally from Nova Scotia where she bought this set.

This gold and white cup is also from Mrs. R. (I never called her by her first name, 27 years ago she walked over to introduce herself as Mrs. Rowland so I always called her that or Mrs. R.) This cup and saucer belonged to her mother and has a sticker on the bottom that says 1899. The blue and gold cup came from Russia and is one of my favorites. Okay, back to work for me, lots more to dust...

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Some television shows cross over on to other shows whether it be one character such as Phoebe between Friends and Mad About You or Munch from SVU appearing on Law and Order. Some entire shows entire cast crosses over like the CSI shows. Mulder and Scully of the X-Files (I miss that show) once visited Homer Simpson in Springfield. Back in the day residents of Pine Valley from All My Children visited Lanview the fictional town on One Life to Live. I thought the
crossovers were fun.
What I really dislike now are reality show crossovers. I'm not a fan of Jon & Kate Plus 8 but have watched it a few times. I always felt like she was the uberbitch then I started thinking about it and realized what a loser Jon is. She had to constantly tell him what to do for every little thing. This guy has no clue when it comes to being a father or adult. He should have jumped in and helped rather than Kate having to nag him about it. He just added to her work. Of course over time you knew they'd fall out of love. He never seemed to care enough. He's proven that now with his public antics and statements about Kate but I digress. Back to crossovers.
While I don't watch J&K+8 I do watch TLC and see the promos for the show. They've done shows with Ace of Cakes for Kate's birthday, Emeril has come to their house to cook and in a strange one they got together with the Teutul family of American Chopper. But the weirdest crossover I've seen was on Say Yes to the Dress which takes place in Kleinfelds Bridal and I do watch this show.
The show of October 2 had the Duggar family at Kleinfelds store in Manhattan so mom Michelle could pick out a wedding dress for the renewal of her and Jim Bob's wedding vows celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. First talk about a fish out of water; she looked very uncomfortable and out of her element. She wanted a high necked, long sleeved modest wedding gown. There's nothing wrong with that but I don't think that exists in Kleinfelds. She tried on several gowns that could be altered to add sleeves and a bodice covering. While she tried them on she wore a modesty garment to cover her chest. She was concerned about her belly area since she's expecting number 19 in March 2010. In the end she didn't pick out the dress her husband did. Not only that; the couple brought every one of their 18 children and pregnant daughter in law with them. My mind kept wandering to their sex life and how or if it's modest. For me there wouldn't be anymore sex life after the fourth of fifth kid. I wouldn't let him near me.
I don't watch the Duggar's TV show. While I admire their commitment to their children and their debt free life I think it's outrageous of a man to impregnate his wife over and over again even if she agrees to it. At age 42 this woman has been pregnant for over 12 years of her life. Not to mention the resources to raise all of them. I think of the health insurance alone. Most contracts don't discriminate when it comes to size of family. If you have mom, dad and one child, it's the same cost as a family with mom and dad with 18 kids and counting. That's unfair.