Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Memories, light the corners of my mind, misty water colored memories of the way we were...

I'm on Facebook and over time found groups to join. One is my high school, another is my neighborhood group and a group for my elementary school. Oh how time flies. Sometimes when I look at them the memories that people post are funny and make me smile. Other times like today I happen to look at them and they just make my heart hurt.

I start thinking about the time that has gone by, how much fun it was being a kid, all the friends you had and how you could leave your house to play and run the neighborhood and no one worried where you were. Playing ball in the greenbelt, wading in the creek and later making out there. I read those posts and it brings back so many memories. I see people on there from the old neighborhood that I eventually babysat for and that seems so weird.

My first grade class. Which one is me??

It's amazing how much you remember when you start reading and thinking about that time. I remembered every teacher I had k-6 grade, things I hadn't thought about in years like our lunch lady Mrs. Long and the school nurse Mrs. Daily. I loved her and just read her obituary a few years ago. We used to get vaccinations at school. I always seemed to visit her during math time.

My graduating class had over 850 kids in it and not many are on the high school site. Maybe many aren't into the whole facebook thing, I wasn't until 6 months ago. I'm assuming many aren't technically savy like the kids of today. I swore I'd never be like that but I am. I have more trouble with the computer and figuring out electronic things but I guess it's a right of passage.

Today is a dreary, cool, damp day, more like late October than August, could be that's why I'm so melancholy. I hope I get over it soon!


S said...

It is fun meeting old friends on facebook. But I know what you mean about bringing back all the memories.

I hope you get over your melancholy mood, too. and soon!