Thursday, August 27, 2009

ho hum

Blahhhhhh. That's how I feel this week. It could be several things contributing to this feeling. This is my last week of summer vacation before school starts next week. This is the first school year that I'm not anxious to return. I think that's a bad sign but I hope not. This past year was exceptionally hard with several very challenging students with emotional and anger issues. I have a bad feeling that I will get pulled out of kindergarten and put in first grade because of said students. I don't want that to happen but that thought is floating around in my head. Last year was also full of drama with a teacher I worked with. She ended up not getting tenured and is now suing the district. I do not want to get in the middle of that. She's mentioned me writing a letter but nothing official. I do not want to do that.
My son is going back to college Saturday and while he's been very busy this summer with his job and friends we've not seen a lot of him I'm dreading that trip to school. I know it's his second year, it's not like the first time but I'm sad over it. I shouldn't be I suppose, after all this is life and he's doing what he's supposed to do. Growing up, forging a life of his own. I'm so proud of him. I've done my job with him and he's prepared for life. Well as well as anyone can be prepared. He'll make mistakes and I won't be able to help him but he'll learn. He'll be back next weekend because Kevin and girlfriend are flying in from NYC for Kev's birthday. Next month they fly off to the Philippines for two weeks. I'll nervous about that. That isn't the safest country for Americans.
Blahhhh. I did pick up these flowers at a farmer's roadside stand and they're beautiful. I said to the girl, "I'll take the orange ones". She responded, "we don't have any orange ones but we have red". I have such a hard time distinguishing red from orange and blue from purple. My family loves to poke fun at me for that and sometimes quizzes me, "mom, what color is that car??" Usually don't get it right.


S said...

Those flowers are just beautiful!!

I hope that your school year goes well and that you get to stay with the kindergartners.

Kitten Herder said...

Those flowers are an orangish-red. :)