Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My kid is prettier than your kid

I've been watching a TV show on TLC called Toddlers and Tiaras and it is so wrong in so many ways. I feel bad for these poor little children. I don't believe that a 3 year old is into the whole beauty pageant scene. Usually the mother is the driving force behind it all. They seem to have this need to prove that they created a beautiful child. I hate to say it but many of the mothers weigh 250 lbs plus and I seriously think the mothers are suffering from low self esteem. By parading their daughters around they feel better about themselves. The crowns, tiaras,trophies, ribbons and accolades seem to be a reflection on them not their child.
From the episodes I've seen there are several types of pageants. Some are big glitzy ones with a $1000. prize. It's nothing for some parents to spend 3,500 on a one gaudy, sparkly dress to win that thousand bucks. It can get very cut throat between the mothers and that spills over to the children. Tonight's episode was a smaller pageant, held in a West Virginia hotel conference room. There was no prize money, just bragging rights I guess. Of course there was the coveted rhinestone crowns too.

These little girls, girls as young as one year old wear make up. Starting around age 4 or so they wear fake hair pieces, tons of make up, have plucked brows and spray tans! If the contestants are at the age when they start to lose their baby teeth they get false teeth called a flipper. Some girls as young as 7 have acrylic nails. Some of the outfits and moves that the kids do are unbelievable. They look and move like strippers or hoochie mamas. I personally would worry about pedophiles. It's heartbreaking to see these children exposed to this. They grow up soon enough and will have to deal with the whole beauty thing. Most are already divas.
Toddlers and Tiaras is trainwreck TV at it's best but I can't stop watching. Check it out on Wednesday nights at 10 pm on TLC. Every week I'm astounded at what lengths these parents go to to prove that their child is the prettiest. These pageants take place in the south where it's a whole industry, especially in Texas. Maybe it's because I live in the northeast region of the country and we do not have these things up here.
Thank goodness.