Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rolling on the River and the Sidewalk

I'm back! I bet you didn't even notice I was gone and I almost wasn't. We had a mini vacation planned up at the 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrence River and the plan was that my parents were going to dog sit for us. We took Cody over on Thursday night and we were home from that for 45 minutes and the phone rang. It was my dad and he sounded awful. Right away I knew something bad had happened and my first thought was Cody had gotten hurt somehow. Nope, not the dog but my mother. She was taking him for a walk and a few of her neighbors were out at the sidewalk talking. As she was walking over one of their dogs and Cody wanted to meet and greet. They both pulled toward each other on their leashes and my mom's toe caught on a raised sidewalk flag. Down she went. Hard. My dad called and told me she was in a pool of blood and they were waiting for the ambulance. He was quite distraught and I told him that hubby would be right over to pick up Cody and I'd meet him at emergency.
Turns out she needed stitches in her forehead, had a broken nose and broke two bones in her arm between the elbow and the wrist. Not only were they broken but they were open fractures, they'd come through the skin in two spots and retracted back in. My dad and I saw her arm when three orthopedic doctors came in. It wasn't pretty, down right ugly not to mention freaky. Lucky for her the medic on the ambulance crew started a morphine drip. She ended up having surgery to clean out the arm and repair the bones with plates and screws.
The surgeon was going to do the operation during the night but a motorcyclist came in with more open fractures than mom so he went first. Finally after I was able to see my mother following surgery and see for myself that she was going to be fine we left for vacation.
We stayed at our usual place, the Channelsyde Motel right on the river and as the name claims it's right on the shipping channel.
Nobody puts Baby in a closet!
Well, except his parents. We planned on Cam sleeping on the floor with an air mattress but it was a tight fit and me with my bad knee hobbling along it wasn't a good idea. Lucky (?) for him there was a decent sized walk in closet and this is where he spent four nights.

Kevin and Therese came up from NYC and met us there. She's a born and bred big city girl and had never fished before. She was concerned for the poor big, fat, juicy worms used to entice the fish, not to mentioned grossed out.

Therese is a very sweet girl and while she may be from NYC and works in downtown Manhattan she's not what you may think of when you think of a New Yorker. Her parents sheltered her and were very strict growing up. At times she's quite naive making her very charming.

Cam thought this would be a cool picture and he was right.


tornwordo said...

Love the 1000 islands! And great cloud shot.