Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another letter to my son.

First order of business is an apology to Cameron.

Cam, I'm sorry that I said your dorm room is a dump. I'm sorry that I said prison cells are probably better than than your room. I'm sorry I cried when I saw where you'd be living the next 9 months. I'm sorry I said I wouldn't take any pictures of it. I didn't mean to burst your bubble and rain on your parade. It's your first time living away from home and I should have joined in your excitement. In all honesty the room did look better after your things were set up. It's just that I wouldn't want to live there and it's hard to leave my baby living there. It will be fine!! I'll be fine too.




A boy and his dog. Cody will miss you Cam. Tonight when we got home I was verklempt again and Cody sensed that. He kept nudging me with his nose to get my attention. Thank goodness he isn't going to doggie college!

The bedroom is very small so Cam and his roommate Mike decided to bunk the beds. Cameron is on the bottom. He sort of wanted the top but we had made his bed before this decision was decided and Cam's bed was the one that had to be on the bottom. I said the bottom was better. Easier to get out of for those late night bathroom trips or early morning stumblings in plus it's easier to make. I think he may make his bed or maybe he won't. Aunt Carol, the sheets look great!

I didn't even look at the bathroom. I was afraid if I did and it was bad I'd drag Cam out of there and bring him home. Hubby went in it and said that it was pretty good. Cam happens to be in the oldest dorm building on campus. It seems like there have been no upgrades or replacements of furnishings since it opened 50 years ago. I found it very depressing. Cam's college is a SUNY school (state university of New York) and Kevin also went to a state school. The difference being Kevin went to Binghamton University which is the crown jewel, cream of the crop, Ivy League of state schools in the north and I was used to that. Cam's school is much smaller and I don't think gets the funds that the bigger schools get. I shouldn't compain too much about his room. He picked this school because he got the Presidential Scholarship which included a free room and it's a good school for his major (English and education, he wants to be a teacher). Well what a room it is and if I was paying for this room in his tuition I would be pissed.

Before Cam was born and I was looking at day cares for him I felt if I couldn't spend 9-10 hours a day there then my child wouldn't either. I felt the same way about his dorm room but am getting over that as I'm getting used to him not being here. As a matter of fact I slept topless last night which I love to do but didn't because being a mom you never know when you have to jump out of bed for someone or who will be coming in your room. I also went downstairs in my bra and panties to get clothes out of the dryer. Cam, TMI?


*~*Cece*~* said...

My girls are still small, I've been reading many blogs, lately, dealing with mom's letting go of their babies to college and Ican't even imagine. Good luck to you all!

tornwordo said...

He's a boy! Let him be dirty for a while. It's our nature don't you know.

Craze said...

LOL! That might have been a little TMI for Cam! I work at a College and some of our dorm rooms are just what you described. But, he won't be spending a bunch of time there and the room will be what he and his room mate make of it. I think it will build character.