Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What to blog about?

A blog that I read regularly (who I won't call out) was complaining about bloggers who lament about their kids going to school whether it be kindergarten, middle school, high school or college. I don't take it personally. She stated that there are much bigger things going on in the lives of others and the world. Of course that is so very true. My son's aren't serving in the military, no one is dying of cancer and we aren't foreclosing on our home. But here comes the but...this summer I turned 50 years old, am going through menopause, my oldest has moved to NYC and youngest started college leaving me and hubby empty nesters. This IS a big deal in MY life. Do I feel bad about other's misfortunes? Of course I do but everyone has their own drama in their own lives and if others can't relate to it, oh well. Sorry, that's not going to stop me from talking about it. If it bores you click off and come back another day. But not today because I'm going to talk about Cameron and college. That being said...
This tangled spaghetti mess is in his dorm room. You can see his pillow on the right. Is this safe? There is an extension cord plugged into a power strip which is plugged into a thing in the outlet that give you six outlets instead of two. I can't believe how two boys have so many electronic devices that need to be plugged in. Cam has his alarm clock, fan, 2 lamps, small TV, phone charger, computer, Sonicare toothbrush. His roommate has the same plus more. He brought a desk top computer, laptop, stereo receiver and more that I don't know about. At my house one year we had so many Christmas lights on the tree every time I vacuumed we'd blow a fuse.
Here's Cam striking a thinking pose at this desk. The Cam poster on the wall is one that he colored in second grade. I save lots of shit like that. Anyway I work with his former second grade teacher and will print this pic out for her.
Along with getting the kids off to their respective new living spaces hubby found time to redo our family room. We hadn't done anything to it since we moved in 24 years ago. It had dark panelling. We once tried to take it off but the previous owners glued it on as well as nailed it. I finally talked hubby into painting it. He fought me on it for years. Through the door way is the foyer. That wall is painted Firedance and goes up into the living room.
In this room we have an 8 foot sliding door that looks out into the backyard. I decided to do the room in a rather summery tone. The furniture is actually indoor/outdoor wicker and metal. Three walls are painted Biscuit and the wall in the pic is painted Tradewind, a blue color and the stripes are Rainwash which is a green tone. I wanted the wall striped but not noticeably so. You have to look twice to see it. How do you like it Kevin? You move away and we finally redecorate!
So there you have it, not an exciting post but most of mine never are. Don't have the humor or sarcasm or drama, just my life.
Please excuse the blurry photos. Kevin borrowed our camera to take to NYC when he was apartment hunting so he could take pictures for the roommate who didn't go. When I asked to see those pictures he told me that he had forgotten to take the camera so no pics. Well that camera is no where in our house. It's gone missing. Did someone take it out of his car? Did someone come into our home and take just that? I have no clue. These pictures were taken with Cameron's camera. I cannot take a non blurry photo to save my life. Gotta get a new one I guess, after all it's only money. (That was sarcasm!)


Craze said...

Blogging should be about whatever we want it to be about. What is going on in our lives, what is important to US. If people don't want to read it, like you said, they can click away. I think it's pretty damn exciting what's going on in your life right now! It must be weird to be redecorating.. entering a new phase in your life, your marriage.

Cece said...

These blogs belong to us for a reason, to share our lives and thoughts. If someone doesn't like hearing about school and stuff like that they they need to exit the browser and come back in October when kids are all settled in! lol

Since my girls are still small I can't begin to imagine an empty house and how much of a change that'll be.

Kitten Herder said...

Blogs are only interesting to read if the blogger is writing about things they care about. If you wrote about the price of applesauce it would be interesting to read IF you cared about the price of applesauce.

Blog on, girl!