Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Number One has left the nest

It was a roller coaster of a ride this weekend as we moved Kevin to New York City. We left here Friday morning in two vehicles. He's going to see how keeping a car in the city will work out. We borrowed hubby's brother's pick up to cart the kid's things down. Let me say this... Kevin's Honda Civic sips gasoline and he got almost 40 mpg. B-I-L's Ford F150 Triton V8 chugs gasoline. We didn't bother to figure out the mileage, too depressing but guessed between 10-12 mpg and almost 300 bucks in fuel start to finish. Still better than renting a truck. Thank you Tom!!

We got to the city and had to find the real estate office to pick up the key. As you can imagine parking spots are like the elusive giant panda, there aren't many of them and are hard to find.

Eventually we got the key, found the apt. building and another spot and commenced unloading. For someone who didn't have much to take it sure seemed like there was a lot of stuff to move. Thank goodness there was an elevator.

It's in a new building with 5 stories, 10 apartments in all. Five on the front of the building and 5 on the back. Kev's is on the fourth floor. It's nice because there is no one right next to you just above and across the hall. His is on the back side which I hope will be quieter for a day sleeper. Each apartment has a small balcony, enough room for two chairs or 3 people standing. From Kevin's you can see a little bit of Manhattan. The apartment itself is long and narrow with no hallway. The bedrooms and bathroom are right off the main living space. He and his roommate flipped for the bigger bedroom that has an attached bath and Kevin won. The other bedroom is smaller and the bathroom is not attached but it's bigger.
The view from his balcony. Some take beautiful care of their small plots of land, others not so much. There was one lady working outside cutting the grass with a weed eater. You don't need a mower when your yard is the size of a postage stamp.

The entire apartment is tiled and had creamy with a tinge of butter colored walls. The kitchen has dark cabinets with brushed nickle hardware and a gas stove, dishwasher and frig are stainless steel. I wish I had the stove, mine is electric and he's thrilled to have a dishwasher.
His bedroom. His first purchase in NYC was a mattress set. Know what time they were delivered? Ten o'clock Saturday night! It truly is the city that doesn't sleep.
This is looking out his bedroom window and that's the Triborough Bridge. Kevin has the place to himself for one week as his roommate who he's known since 6th grade when he moved here from South Africa (but born in Russia), isn't moving in til this coming weekend. He has a job with the accounting firm KPMG and will work in Manhattan also. The apartment is actually in Astoria, Queens and Kevin's commute will be about 50 minutes to NY Presbyterian Hospital. Add almost another 2 hours on to his 12 hour shift. Good thing he's young.
The living room. See mom and dad, your ugly love seat made it to New York City!
On the balcony. Those buildings off in the background, Manhattan! Don't ask me which part though. Saturday night I watched a lightening storm from his balcony and was gearing myself up for the next morning when we would leave him. The next day dawned bright and sunny . We wanted to get on the road and get the leaving over with. I told myself I wouldn't cry when I left but who the hell was I fooling. The lip started to quiver and it was all over. Now I didn't bawl like a baby, I didn't want to leave like that but yes, the tears were flowing a few times.I will say, don't use Kleenex tissues, they leave little pieces of them all over your face and in your eye lashes.

Kevin walked us to the truck, gave our last hugs and kisses and he turned and walked back to his new place. I stood and watched him, he never looked back. Once in the truck both of us broke down but only for a minute when Mike looked up and said, "is that a fucking ticket on the windshield?" Yes indeed it was! A ticket for parking a commercial vehicle on a residential street. Yes, the truck is registered commercial but it's not for a business, has no writing or sign on it but I guess that doesn't matter. Welcome to New York.

It's a seven hour trip and I think I slept for six of them going home. I was emotionally wiped out.