Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm a carnavore

Someone in my neighborhood was cooking something last night that smelled absolutely delicious and they weren't a vegetarian. I'm not fond of vegetables and don't eat many so I wouldn't make a good vegetarian but once in a while I'll give meat eating a good thought and I gross myself out. To think that I'm eating the flesh and muscle of an animal. The animal has been killed, butchered, ground up and packaged for me to eat. It sounds rather barbaric and I know it must be terrifying for the animal.

When eating I don't think about the fact that this was once a living thing, born and raised only to have a date with a slaughter house. Now I don't eat veal or lamb. I can't get past the whole baby animal thing. A few weeks ago Kevin made a dinner with lamb in it and that was the first time I'd ever tried it. I just couldn't do it after the first few bites.
Lambs are so cute. When my boys were babies the nursery had a lamb theme going on. I couldn't eat it. As for *veal, those poor calves are treated so horribly. At least with a cow they're fed, allowed to roam and live a little.
I work with a woman who is a vegetarian and she won't eat anything that had eyes. I totally respect that and understand. She never forces her view on others and will eat with other who are eating meat. I don't get the whole *
vegan thing though. Some vegetarian can be quite radical about it.

As for me I love my beef too much to give it up. Maybe it's my inner cave man. Give me a nice juicy steak that's pink in the middle, maybe with just a little bit of fat on it and I'm in heaven. As that sexy Sam Elliott once said,'Beef, it's whats for dinner." Of course I'd buy anything from this man and his voice.

This was the best I could do.

* I tried to link sites that were strictly informational, not biased in any way.


Craze said...

I can really gross myself out if I think about it too much. I do like lamb though. As for Sam Elliott,, GRR BABY!

Gman said...

Sam Elliot? yes if he is marching down the center of the street with Kurt russell, Val Kilmer and Bill Paxton all dressed in black bring hell with him(Tombstone). Now that would be the way to go...Steak? How about some nice juicy pork chops???

Kitten Herder said...

I've done the vegetarian root. Then, the lactose intolerance kicked in, so I caved. It was too much to ask. I really missed the beef the most. Now I try to only eat one serving of meat a day. And, I really do love my veggies. I like lamb, but I only have it a couple of times a year. I haven't had veal in over a decade, and I hope to keep to that at least.