Saturday, August 09, 2008

I Love New York?

I've lost the distinction of living in the highest taxed state in the nation. Nah, our taxes didn't go down, they're still 20% higher than the national average. It's just that New Jersey's went up. Damn them New Jersey (what do you call someone from N.J.? Ers, ites, ians?) They stole my claim to fame. Any way here are your top three taxed states in the union based on what residents are taxed on every dollar earned according to the Tax Foundation, a non profit think tank in Washington.
New Jersey 11.8%
New York 11.6%
Conn. 11.1%
The national average is 9.7%
Want to live in the least taxed state? Pack your long johns and move to Alaska where they pay 6.4 cents on every dollar earned. I wonder if the
Time Bandit has any job openings.

And while we're now sort of on the subject of crab fishing; did I ever tell you how much I love that show Deadliest Catch. Sure, it's the same thing over and over again, dump the pot, pull up the pot, empty out the crab. What makes the show are the fisherman. You get a glimpse into their lives and watch it long enough it's like their some of your friends. I miss them when the season is over. My favorite boat is the Time Bandit. They seem to have the most fun although they do have some fun on the Northwestern, Sig is a more serious captain than Jonathan or Andy on the T.B. Keith on the Wizard, now that guy is all business, no fun on that boat. It you've never seen the show catch it on the reruns. It's addicting.

Jonathan and Andy Hillstand


Gman said...

Well let me tell ya. After my last surgery I got stuck in bed with a tempermental remote and a Deadliest Catch marathon that lasted over 24 hours on our local Cable TV. Now I have nightmares about that show and I avoid Discovery channel like the plague!!!

Slick said...

Here in Georgia, I think sales tax is like 8%. I think.

I'm clueless but I do believe it's lower than the national average.

I was HOOKED on The Deadliest Catch myself. I've been wanting to check out that show where they're working on the oil rig. It looks pretty good too.

Craze said...

The Deadliest Catch ROCKS!