Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having or had a relaxing weekend. I know some of you had to work like Slick. Sorry about that. That just means you have a really important job we really need you. Hubby and I are just hanging with no plans.

My nest is empty but I'm feeling better about the kids being gone. Both are happy and doing well in their new digs. Kevin is enjoying all that New York City has to offer except maybe the 50 minute commute to the hospital up near the George Washington Bridge. His college roommates live in NYC as well as a girl from his nursing school who has a job at the same hospital. It makes me feel better knowing that he already knows people in town. Cameron is loving college life and all that goes with it. He's making new friends and liking his classes.

I've come to the conclusion that while I miss the boys what I think is really the issue is that I'm mourning my life as it was. I loved being a mother of young children and I no longer have that. I think I'm having an identity crisis. Now that they're grown and out of the house I have to change my mothering technique. Of course I'll always be their mom but it will be different and I'm becoming okay with that. I have noticed that I'm mothering other things now. We have a pond right near us and in the late spring the tadpoles matured, turned into American toads and came out of the water. Over several visits I captured a bunch and put them in our backyard. I wanted them to eat mosquitoes. I brought over about 60. They're growing up now and before hubby cuts the grass I go out and capture as many as I can so they don't get mowed over. The most I've had at one time was 26. Everyday I go out and look around for some just to check on them. I also found a few baby garter snakes. My little hoppers.


Kitten Herder said...

Nice surrogate children!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the identity crisis.

your little toads are cute..but I wouldn't hold one. lol

Craze said...

That's it exactly. For the past 20 (?) years your main job has been to be a full-time mother. You're still a mom, just not full time. It's time for you to creat a different life. I want some little hoppers of my own!