Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's in the News These Days?

Every Saturday the mailman delivers two magazines to our house. One is Time and the other is the gossip mag The Star. I confess, the subscription to The Star is mine. My son gets Time and I read it too, really, I do. The Star is my cheap entertainment that I've been reading for over 20 years. Over the past few years I don't seem to know a lot of the celebrities they write about but I can't stop getting it because I love the weekly crossword puzzle. I know that sounds a lot like the old story of, "I read Playboy for the articles" but I am hooked on the crossword puzzle.
That being said I don't watch those TV gossip shows like Entertainment Tonight but tonight I wanted to get away from the election campaign coverage and especially Sarah Palin. She is everywhere these days and I'm sick of her being the media darling of the moment. If people in this country vote for McCain just because of her I'll...well I don't know what I'll do but I know I wouldn't be happy. Back to ET, I'm watching a story about Hollywood's skinniest stars when they switch to a story about the dress sizes of the ladies of politics. I kid you not, we were going to hear what size dress Cindy McCain, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and of course Sarah Palin wear. Does someone really care about that?? I guess I'll have to watch ESPN or Food Network or the latest O.J. Simpson trial to get away from S.P. I will say the Saturday Night Live skit featuring Tina Fey as Palin was priceless and I enjoyed it. Speaking of SNL, I'm going to New York City 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!!
By the way, if you're really interested;
Cindy wears a size 4
Hillary a size 10
Michelle size 8
Sara size 6


Craze said...

I can't stand all the media coverage around Palin.

Slick said...

Palin is cute but certainly doesnt deserve all this media attention.

The Star to women is like the Playboy to men....