Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

Score one for the little ones. I'm home from school today with pink eye. Ugh.
Near our house is a field of sunflowers and late yesterday afternoon the conditions were perfect to snap some pictures. I know what you're thinking, "oh no, not more flower pictures" and you'd be right. I absolutely adore flowers and always wanted to be a florist. Why didn't I pursue that? I ask myself that all the time. Maybe it's not too late for a third career change. Click on the photos to enlarge them.
I liked this bud opening. It reminds me of a lotus flower.
This one looks like it just opened that day. The field was just buzzing with bees. I didn't get too close since this summer I had an encounter, ok, an altercation with a big hairy bumblebee and it didn't end well for me. Thank goodness for a can of beer we had in the cooler. It took some of the swelling and pain away and kept the poison for coursing through my bloodstream. I held the cold can on the sting sight, maybe I should have poured it over it. Or chugged it. While I'm not so allergic that I need an epi pen, my body does react to bee stings with pain, swelling and that particular time I could feel the venom moving up my arm. I hope I never get bitten by a snake. I don't ever plan on being in close proximity to one.
No wonder they're called sunflowers, they look like a sunburst. Actually because they turn and follow the sun throughout the day. They were all facing south in the field.
Even from behind they look pretty.

There is a little stand at the field that sells the flowers for 3.00 a bunch. You have to shake the bees off of them before you get in the car. It's the biggest bang for your buck as they last a long time and are beautiful in their simplicity. Hubby has gotten me two bunches of them. Here they are in their new home, my living room. They look good against my red/orange wall.


Craze said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I think you have a career in the floral department as well as photography. I am allergic to bees and carry an epi pen. However, I was stung a few weeks ago and didn't have to use the pen. My boss told me to tape a penny to the bite. OMG I couldn't believe how great that worked. 20 minutes later you couldn't even tell where I had been stung. No swelling, no itching, no welt.

tornwordo said...

The bees do sure like the sunflowers! Lovely pictures.

Sue said...

I love sunflowers! Those pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!