Monday, September 15, 2008

My Pet Peeve of the Moment

In August we redecorated our family room. Unfortunately we have a beautiful oak roll top desk that no longer fits in. Hubby has said for years that it takes up too much room and nineteen years later I finally agree with him. We decided to sell it and listed it on Craigslist; someone hit on it and came to look at it. A few days later he sent us an email telling us he had found something. Thank you kind sir. A week later back on Craigslist. (Who is Craig anyway?) We had another guy come and look at it on a Wednesday evening. He told us he really liked it, wanted his wife to see it and he'd be over the next evening (Thursday) with the little woman and a trailer. The next night comes, no guy, no phone call, no email. The next day hubby calls to check in with him. Oh yes, I'm still interested, I will call you tomorrow (Saturday) morning to make plans to come over. Again, a no show, no phone call or email. We've written him off. But here's the thing. When you're selling something it is so frustrating when people tell you they will come over to check the item out and then don't come. Even worse they tell you they're still interested and don't show! They have wasted my time. It's not even like I was going to do something else and stayed home to wait, it's just if you tell a seller you're coming then do it. Or at least call and let us know you can't make it. If you don't want to buy it, tell us. I promise I won't hunt you down and make your life miserable. But I will if you play this game with me. I really want my car back in the garage and it won't fit with that damn desk in there.
Oh and I did some research and Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995.


Slick said...

I sold my Treo phone last night off Craigslist.

I had to post it 3 times because everyone who emailed either never called or never emailed back.

I feel your pain....

Craze said...

That is plain rudeness!

Kitten Herder said...

I've sold things online and I've given them away (Freecycling, it's called). By far, the most unreliable people were the Freecyclers. Heck, they are getting stuff for free! At least they could be true to their word and come get the stuff.