Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It was a beautiful day today, sunny and mild. Too bad I was stuck in school.
My neighbor's sunflower.
This is the new view from my king size bed. I finally talked hubby into hanging our TV on the wall. I love it, it looks like it's just floating there. Come winter you'll find me snug in bed with my laptop, book and crossword puzzle by 7:30.
Not only did hubby hand the television, he polished my toenails too. If that was left up to me my toes would be naked all the time. I'm lazy like that.
Did you ever see such a sack sack? Cody is missing the boys and come to think of it, mom is too. We did get out to see Cameron at college on Friday night. After his recent physical we found out he's anemic. The doctor says he needs to take an iron supplement and eat more red meat. We took him out to dinner to a delicious prime rib restaurant. He had no choice but to eat red meat. :)


Craze said...

Beautiful sunflower. I have a TV like that but it's not on the wall, I bet it woudl look better there. Lazy dog! I bet he does miss your son. Hope the iron supplements kick in soon and he's feeling good.

Slick said...

OOoooo, am I the only one who doesn't have a flat screen TV?!

Your husband painted your toenails? I'm pulling his mancard tomorrow.

Let's not tell the committee that I painted Trisha's fingernails last week ;)