Sunday, September 21, 2008


When driving or riding around in the car I like to read people's bumper stickers. I'm seldom offended by them and find most of them humorous. One that I saw that did offend me was on a pickup truck and it said, "God Hates Fags" I posted about it but can't find it to link it.

I find it interesting to see what people put on their vehicles and what it says about them. By looking at the decals I try and figure out what kind of person they are. Take my car below...

I would think they chose the color red because it's a deep rich color you notice, not like silver that seems to fade into the background. It has a Binghamton University and College at Brockport sticker on it and that tells me they have two kids in college so they must be older. They have a dog as evidenced by the sticker. Also on the back window is one of those oval stickers that many people have that state where they're from or where they've visited. I'd say that they have a sense of humor. The dog sticker say Mutt rather than some pedigreed dog and the location sticker says Earth. They'd be right about everything except we only have one kid in college now.

Bumper stickers can make a political statement, brag about something, show off what you care about or make a joke. I have a small notepad in my glove box and when I see an interesting sticker I write it down. Here's a few I've seen.

Equilateral Equiangular Parallelograms
are for squares
If you can read this,
Thank a teacher
Down with pants
Up with kilts
Believe what you want
and shut the hell up
Think outside the sticker
Run Hillary Run
Democrats place on back bumper,
Republicans place on front
I have not yet begun
to procrastinate
My child was Inmate of the month
at Broward County Jail
Financially I'm set for life
provided I die next week
Be sure brain is engaged
before pressing SEND key
U.S. Energy Policy
Create crisis, Raise prices
I saw this car a few months ago and luckily happened to have my camera. I'm not sure what kind of statement they're trying to make.

I also like to check out licence plates and try and make words out of the letters or figure out what their vanity plate means. I saw this one today. I want it. I never remember where I park when I go somewhere and have to park in the same area every time or I will wonder around looking for my car. I ultimately mutter, "where is my f-ing car?"

What does your car say about you?


tornwordo said...

I don't really get the dangling testicle statement, lol.

ME said...

First, let me say that bumper sticker about being gay is very offending. That would show they are an ignorant ass!

My car is pretty damn boring. Silver, and no bumperstickers. I think I've only had one in my life on a car and it said, Earl's In the Trunk.

Kitten Herder said...

My car is a little black Ford Focus. For years, my husband refused to allow any bumper stickers on our cars. Two years ago, he agreed to let me put the religiously tolerant "Coexist" sticker on my car. Each letter is a symbol for a different religion.