Monday, June 02, 2008


The past several weeks I've been walking to school (I live about 1 mile away) because I've been letting my high school senior son drive my Honda to school. Each evening we discuss whether I'm walking or not. Sometimes I've got a lot to take in and don't want to lug it but most days I let him drive. One morning I'm searching for my keys, can't find them anywhere. I call hubby because he has a habit of using them and not hanging them up afterwards. He doesn't have them. Now I'm late for school. Maybe I left them in the door or in the car. I open the door to the garage car! Hence the reason for my missing keys. Now I'm already late, have to walk to school and I'm not happy. I call my son on his cell thinking I'm going to be leaving a message and he answers. I ask "why are you answering your phone during school?" He responds, "I'm in a free period." Well the flood gates opened and I let him have it with both barrels about him having my car without asking. I think I scared the crap out of him because I never yell at him. He never gives me a reason to until today. My throat hurt when I was done with him. I can guarantee that this will never happen again.

Clematis in our backyard.

I enjoy walking to school. At that hour (8:15) it's very peaceful. I live in an old neighborhood with tree lined streets, small houses and small yards. No McMansions here. I think about what I have to do during the day, listen to the birds singing and admire people's flower gardens.

Our Japanese maple tree in the front yard.

Most days I meet the same dogs going for their morning walk. They get some pets from me and get some dog kisses and nuzzles from my four legged friends. It's a win win situation. Grace is an Old English Sheepdog and very sweet. For a big dog she has a rather high bark.

Then I see Wally the wiener dog, another cutie and sometimes the lovable mutt Max is out. Also along the way there is a Rhodesian Ridgeback but I cross the street when I see him coming. He's a powerful dog and well trained but the first time I came upon him he lunged and jumped on me almost knocking me over. It took all of his owner's might to pull him off. She was very apologetic and said he must have smelled my dog on me. Okay, once was enough, I steer clear of him. This breed of dog once hunted lions in Africa so they're tough. I know this particular dog has never hunted lions but he's not going to hunt me.


Slick said...

Beautiful pictures Summer!

How long is the walk? Shoot, I get all upset when Trisha calls me and asks what came in the mail today.

Ugh...the mailbox is at the end of the driveway, come on!

Sounds like he's not even gonna touch the keys without your permission now!

Kitten Herder said...

I love a good walk. If my day weren't already long enough, I'd take a walk to clear my head. As it is, I walk the 1/4 mile to the gym and then walk on the treadmill with my MP3 player stuck to my head. The treadmill gives me a predictable pace where I can completely zone out.

However, you have inspired me. Perhaps I will take a walk around my neighborhood this weekend.

Craig's Wife said...

Very nice pictures. I think I'd have to agree about going head to head with the big dog. He is a beautiful dog though. I wish I could walk to work, not near close enough

Craze said...

The walk to school sounds like a nice peaceful walk. Yup, I'm guessing your son will now be asking everytime he wants to borrow the car.