Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is such a busy time of the year for many people what with kid's spring sports, getting out of school, graduations, weddings, dance recitals and mother's and father's day. I've been swamped with myself with all of the above except a wedding. Kevin graduated from college in May so big weekend, then party. Now we're helping him to find an apartment in New York City where he will be moving. He's got the job, the roommate but no place to live. I told him he should be like Tom Hanks in The Terminal but he can go from one on call room to another on each floor in the hospital.
Cameron graduates next Saturday from high school but we're having his party today. I've spent hours going through 12 years of photos to make a tri-fold cardboard display of his school years. I managed to find the first day of school photos and other school events for every year but 6th and 7th grade. I'm pretty sure he went to school then I just can't find any photographic evidence of it. This year with so many other things going on we had his party catered. I can't cook for 57 people. I've been cleaning the house but as you can see I've taken a break. Hell, no one will be here for 6 hours yet. I am the most unorganized cleaner. I start in one room, find something that needs to be put away, take it there, look around and start cleaning in that room. So I have several rooms in the process at the same time. It all gets done but I need to change and do one room at a time. Like that will happen.
So back to the dust bunnies for me. I sure hope the weather cooperates today, it's kind of iffy. My house seems like it hardly holds the four adults and 75 lb dog that lives here let alone all those partiers.
One thing that I dislike about blogger is no matter how hard I try it sometimes will not publish in paragraphs, just one huge blurb. ggrrr
Edit: Cameron's party starts at 3:00, it was a beautiful sunny day until about 10 minutes ago at 2:10, now it's pouring rain. But I won't complain any longer, this is just a little blip on the radar compaired to what people in other parts of our country have been dealing with.


Craze said...

Hope the party was spectacular!! I'm also an unorganized cleaner.