Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Walking

Expanding on my post about walking to school, I do have a favorite walking day. You may think it's Friday and while Friday is my favorite day of the week as I'm all about anticipation, it's not my favorite day to walk to school. That would be garbage day. You could say I'm a garbologist studying garbology. You can learn a lot about a household by looking at their garbage. Now I don't actually look in their garbage cans, I do check out their recycling bins. For instance that's how I found that one family was expecting a baby and when said baby arrived. There must have been a baby shower because at the curb were boxes from a car seat, a swing and a travel crib. A few weeks later I started to see empty can of formula in the bin and eventually baby food jars. Another family drinks a lot of wine, every week there are multiple bottles and empty wine boxes.
A certain household must have a bunch of kids. In their recycle bin are at least 3 - 4 plastic gallon milk jugs as well as orange juice containers and cereal boxes. One family recycles their empty beer cans and bottles but doesn't return them to the store for the 5 cent refund per each. In New York state any beer, wine cooler or any drink with carbonation such a soda has a 5 cent deposit on them. When you return the empties to the store you get your deposit back. I personally hate that job. When the empties start taking over the garage then I return them.
There's a highbrow household that subscribes to The New York Times as well as The Wall Street Journal but never has any cans, bottles or cardboard recycles along with that. So really, how smart are they?

All of this observation is done by my eyes only. I don't pick through the trash but I will cop to the fact that I once picked up a big fat issue of Modern Bride still in the plastic wrapper that someone had put out. I perused the latest wedding fashion. I figured they already had their wedding or maybe the engagement was broken. After perusing the latest wedding finery I realized the wedding industry is much different than when I was married over 25 years ago.

What would you find in my garbage? Empty Poland Spring water bottles and Diet Lipton ice tea bottles. One gallon milk jug per week. Some tuna, soup and veggie cans. Maybe a french onion dip container. The daily newspaper which I don't have time to read everyday, Time magazine for the current events people in my house and Star magazine for the ones that want the fluff.


Craze said...

I've always believed that you can find out a lot about a person from their garbage. Which is why I hide mine! Even my recycling!

~Deb said...

When I was living with my parents for a short while, (they're BIG drinkers), our recycling can(s) were filled up to the brim and overflowing with wine bottles, beer bottles, vodka bottles and tons and tons of tomato cans, cause, well, we're a big fat Italian family. The garbage man once said, "What is this --- a restaurant???"

It was hysterical.

But yeah, one man's garbage is another man's treasure.


*~*Cece*~* said...

I'm like you when I go walking, but I check out peoples yards, it says a lot about them!

Craig's Wife said...

You could be a CSI with your level of observation. I have to admit you would find a wine bottle or two in mine, the number depends on the week I've had.