Monday, June 23, 2008

Party Part One and Deux

The party went well. It poured for part one of it but we (family & friends) huddled under the tents and ate, drank and made merry. By the time we were ready for the cake the sun came out. Here's the man of the hour. The graduation cap on the cake was on my cake when I graduated in 1976, was on his older brother's 4 years ago and now his. The Snoopy was on both boy's kindergarten cakes. I wonder if my someday future daughters in law will put them on their kids cake? Will I be here to see that?
Part two of the party was when Cam's friends arrived as well as some of Kevin's. My dad cooked burgers for all of them. Actually he cooked several different times as they arrived at all different times. After grandpa left hubby took over the grill and cooked a few times. A friend of ours works for the local brewery and he got us 3 cases of free beer. But I ended up going for a beer run later in the evening. While no high school grads were drinking, the college graduates were. I told Kev that no one leaves our house driving. All but one got a ride home and I woke up to find him on our couch.

The kids had a campfire and make s'mores. You've heard of people trying to out do each other drinking shots; well these kids were trying to out do each other stuffing marshmallows in their mouth then saying "chubby bunny". Geez, kids today :)


Craze said...

Sounds like some good old fashioned fun!