Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm feeling my age...

...Yes, I am no longer a spring chicken. That was proven to me this past weekend. My youngest son is a senior in high school and every year we have what's called The Senior Bash. The Bash is a combination senior banquet and lock in at the University of Rochester. The kids leave from the high school at 5 pm Saturday, have the banquet then on to the athletic center at 10 pm. Now they're locked in until 5 am Sunday morning.

January starts the planning of this thing when the students are given some choices for themes. They each vote for the one they want and this year the winning theme was Las Vegas. A girlfriend and I were the co-chairs of the door prize committee and our goal was to procure a prize for every student attending plus set up at the bash and work the table. All night. We were there from about 4:30 pm Saturday til 5:00 am Sunday morning. I was up for all most 24 hours. Once I could do an all nighter no problem. Ha...I'm still recovering from this one several days later.

The decorating committee did a great job. This was the sign that greeted the kids when they walked in as well as Elvis belting out Viva Las Vegas.
The food area was called Caesar's Place and each table had centerpieces made to look like fountains. To eat there was pizza, wings, subs, salads, fruit, cookies, brownies plus water, soda, milk, coffee and energy drinks. At about 3 am there were bagels with cream cheese and donuts. No body went hungry.
Each student had their senior picture turned into a laminated 8x10 playing card. Cam's is just under the "You look a little flushed" sign.

We had plenty of things to keep them busy all night including bingo, soccer, tennis, squash, swimming, basketball, Texas hold 'em tournament, blackjack, board games etc. For door prizes we had restaurant, bowling, rock climbing, oil changes, mini golf and salon gift certificates as well as gas and Target cards. Nalgene is located in our town and they donated 200
backbacks worth about 17k. We must have been pretty persuasive. It was a long six months and a lot of work. Now it's done and I can cross one more thing off of my to do list.
I am so feeling my age...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Craig's Wife said...

The way I see it stuff like this is what keeps you young. Kudos to you for all your hard work and being involved in your kids lives. Later they will remember and appreciat it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that my kids had that same theme of Vegas. Ours was for prom though.
Your kids are really going to remember all the good stuff you have done for them. :)

Nobody™ said...

I used to work a LOT of overnights for my job. Lately, not so much. It takes me a couple days to fully recover from them.

Craze said...

Wow! That does sound exhausting but extremely fun! I love all the decorations, y'all did great! I can't wait to be a part of something like this.