Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monsters Inc.

As you may or may not know, my oldest son is moving to New York City on August 1. He has a RN job at New York Presbyterian Columbia in one of their cardiac care units. I got him one of these backpacks from my younger son's high school senior bash. He has decided to call it his disaster bag. This is the conversation that followed. I asked him what exactly is a disaster bag. His response; "well mom, did you ever notice in the movies that NYC is always getting attacked by monsters? The stay-puffed marshmallow man in Ghostbusters, Aliens in Men in Black, I Am Legend had zombies, the monster from Cloverfield, more aliens from War of the Worlds, The Happening had mutant trees and wind,even more aliens in Independence Day and you can't forget Godzilla or that giant ape, King Kong. Then you've got your natural disasters like the storm in The Day After Tomorrow and the asteroid that obliterated NYC in Deep Impact. I have to be ready to go in case of an evacuation." Well being a nurse I said, wouldn't you stay behind and look after all the people hurt by the monster du jour? Hell no, it's every man for himself! says my compassionate young son.

I then asked him what he'll have in his disaster bag. He replied that he'll have a change of clothes and socks, a compass, water distillation pills, first aid kit, knife, maps, protein and energy bars, wind resistant lighter, flashlight, batteries and bungee cords. Hey, being an Eagle Scout pays off.

In the end we know he doesn't have to worry about monsters but I guess it's a good thing to have a disaster bag anyway. I then told him one thing he better have in NYC is condoms. I don't want to know any details Kevin but I just read that 1 in 4 people in New York City have herpes!
PS. We went to see The Happening at the movies on opening night. I can only say this; "if you feel you must spend $8.50 of your hard earned money on this movie, don't bother, just send it to me. It was a stinker" Click on the link in the above post to see the trailer for the movie. Every thing you need to see is in the trailer. This movie is rated R for rotten, retarded, ridiculous and really really bad.


Craze said...

Disaster bag, that's a good one! I heard that herpes statistic this morning, crazy!

*~*Cece*~* said...

A disaster bag is a good idea for anyone. I really need to put together something like that for us and keep it close b/c in CA we've got earthquakes & you just never know.

Slick said...

lol..sounds like your boy already has the wit and brains to do good up there by himself )