Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out of Order

A couple months ago we totally redid our half bath with new everything, floor, sink, cabinet, toilet and paint. Well we don't like the toilet. It's a piece of crap no pun intended. Without going into details, it's not a good flusher at all but it is a great water bowl for the dog. We got it at Lowe's and it has a good rating but it sucks. Hubby is going to talk to them and see about exchanging it. I hope so. I'm very picky about my bathroom. I grew up camping in a family with two parents and three girls. The one thing that had to be decent at the campground was the bathroom or we weren't staying.
I now know I would never make it on the space station. You see they only have one
toilet on board and it's not working right now! The space shuttle Discovery is going up next week to bring a new part but holy crap, a week without a working toilet. They'd have to send a bus for me because I'd want off! Now I'm thinking that a man designed the space station because a woman would have put more than one toilet on the thing.


Kitten Herder said...

I totally agree with you. When I was in grad school (20+ yrs ago), the guy I was living with was big into camping. His idea of camping was basically to grab his sleeping bag, his mess kit, and drive off somewhere ... and then hoof it for a couple of miles until a spot suited him. To me, this was totally unacceptable. For one thing, I could not imagine dropping my drawers in the woods. So, he bought me this pretty cool book: "How to Shit in the Woods". I enjoyed the book, but I never put it into practice.

Good luck with your crapper!