Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To Comment or Not To Comment

One of the flowers of spring I love is the Trillium. They're a protected wildflower found in the woods. The red trillium is a lesser seen variety nicknamed the Wet Dog Trillium. Why? Because they smell like a wet dog. I've never smelled that wafting from the flower and I don't need to. I have my own smelly dog when he gets wet. I have some of these in my garden that an elderly friend gave me years ago. You aren't supposed to pick them in the wild but a friend of hers had some growing on her property. She gave them to Mrs. R. who in turn before she went into the nursing home told me to dig them up from her yard for my garden. This photo is not from my garden, mine didn't do too well this year for some reason.
The white variety are beautiful too.
In the dappled light of the forest they seem to glow.

For my next topic; blog comments. Everyone who has a blog likes to get comments. If someone says they don't, they're being disingenuous. What makes you leave a comment? Why don't you leave a comment? Do you respond to comments left?

For me, I leave a comment when the author strikes a chord with me. Maybe I disagree with their writing or maybe I felt like they got inside my head. Perhaps they tickled my funny bone. Sometimes when a person is pouring their heart out they need to know someone is out there reading. Someone who can relate or just give them them another perspective. I never comment anonymously, not my style.

Why don't I comment? Some of the blogs I read get large amounts of comments. If I feel I don't have anything new to add, people have already said what I feel or think, then no comment. Sometimes I just can't think of anything to say whether it be because I have no idea what they're talking about like computers or I don't feel I have anything constructive to say.

Do you respond to comments left on your blog? At this time I don't but am thinking of doing so. If I remember where I left a comment on a blog and I know they respond, I'll go back and see what they say. Some people are so witty, me, not so much.

So if you comment here, great, I love it. If not, I understand why. I myself am going to try and comment more often.


Anonymous said...

I am not always the best commenter. I think what you said hit the nail on the head. If someone gets tons of comments? I usually just read unless it is something that I just HAVE to comment on.
I don't usually respond to comments. Sometimes I do. most times not.

Kitten Herder said...

I like comments. I also like to leave comments to let the blogger know that I am 'listening', at the very least. Sometimes, I get intrigued by the topic and I'll leave more than a simple acknowledgment.

I am always happy to catch up with you!

tornwordo said...

I pretty much do like you. Although I don't care how many comments the blogger gets. In fact, I usually don't read the other comments so I'm sure I repeat often what others have already said. And no, I don't respond usually to commenters. It's difficult to do with blogger anyway.

Craze said...

I try to always comment if I read a blog. Like you, I don't always comment when they have hundreds of comments from others.