Friday, May 09, 2008

The Things Kids Will Say

This week in my kindergarten classes we've been working on a special project for Mother's Day. We bought ceramic tiles from Home Depot, had the student write their name and date on it with a Sharpie, then painted their hand for a hand print and sealed them. They all turned out very cute. I would've loved it if I got this when my son's were in kindergarten.
I have a little girl that is living in foster care right now with the same woman for the last year. She is trying to adopt this child. Anna sees her mother very infrequently and supervised when she does. Anna's father comes to school functions but her mother does not. When she did her tile she told me she wants to give it to her real mother. The woman that doesn't give a damn about her. Not the woman who loves her, cares for her, tucks her in at night and keeps her safe. I was saddened by this. The love for a mother by a child is a strong bond, even if they don't deserve their love.

We also asked them certain questions and wrote down the answers. What is your mother's name? Answer; Smith. No I said, her first name, the reply, mommy is her name. How old is she? Some of the ages I got; 64, 18, 10, 59 and "she's really, really old" but most knew how old mom is. What color eyes does she have and what color hair? Answers; dyed. Well sometimes red, sometimes yellow, once it was black, but now it's red again. What is your mother's hobby? I explained that a hobby is something you like to do. Answers; napping, playing on the computer, smoking, yelling, nagging my dad. Why do you love your mother? Answer; I don't know why. She lets me play Grand Theft Auto.

Now for some of the great answers. What is your mother's hobby? Cuddling with me. Playing with me. Reading me stories. Taking care of me.
Why do you love your mother? She's cool and beautiful. She's kind and caring. She's smart. She hugs and kisses me. She tucks me in at night. She's very pretty. She's nice. Because she loves me!

I wish all children could have mother's that did these things.

And on that note, I don't know what to think of this story.


tornwordo said...

So adorable. Smoking made me laugh. I'm gonna use that now. It's a hobby!