Thursday, April 24, 2008

Must See TV

It's Thursday and that means 30 Rock and The Office are on tonight. I think they're two of the funniest shows on TV right now. Last week when Michael wanted each employee to write down a name of a woman to fix him up with was hilarious especially when he called the "hot and juicy red head" named Wendy and the number turned out to be a Wendy's restaurant.
I took The Office personality quiz and I'm most like Pam. Thank goodness, her and Jim are the sanest.
In other news hubby finished the powder room a few weeks ago. You never realize how much you need two bathrooms. He did the tile floor, the name of this tile is Chocolate Mousse. Who can resist a tile named after that.
He did the plumbing for the new sink and toilet. Sorry, no picture of the toilet.
I love the new faucet. My son uses this bathroom as his own. He is now under penalty of death to keep it clean. I want it to look like a guest bathroom, not a teenage boy's.


Craze said...

I love it when the new season starts! The bathroom look awesome!

Kitten Herder said...

The bathroom looks very nice, indeed. Good luck with the teenage maintenance thing. Our son is the primary user of our half bath. Yuck!

Nobody™ said...

Looks very nice. One of these days I need to finish our basement bathroom, but I was waiting for a wet year to make sure the walls don't leak. Seeing as we have a major flood occurring right now, I may find out sooner rather than later.