Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You may remember my crocus from a previous post. Pretty sad huh?

These are my neighbor's crocus yesterday! Obviously mine are much more tasty than theirs. These rabbits have a discerning palate. Last night coming home from Ben & Jerry's (Cameron works there, we get a discount but I don't care for ice cream) we pulled in the driveway and lo and behold Mr. Rabbit high tailed it across the front lawn. I wanted to chase it with the car but it would have done a nice lawn job.
No, I wouldn't kill it intentionally. I love animals but I do have a limit. Do I care that deer ate the ivy that took years to grow up a tree in the back yard? No, I understand that winter sucks and it's hard to find food. But, I draw the line at my flowers that I've been waiting for to bloom after a long sunless winter. Keep your cute little paws off of them or else!
Below is some sort of Magnolia, I love that the buds are fuzzy looking. The flowers are pretty too when they bloom. One of the first flowering trees in the spring.
I'm enjoying my spring break off from school. Tomorrow hubby and Cameron leave for a Boy Scout trip to Ottawa, Canada with a stop in Toronto on the way home for dinner at Medieval Times. I've never been but they went last year while on their trip to Baltimore and Washington DC and have a blast. I'd love to go. Why am I staying home you may ask, because it's a trip with lots of Boy Scouts! No thank you.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I love bunnies. No hurting bunnies!

There are no bad bunnies! LOL

Craze said...

When it comes to sring bulbs you've been waiting to see bloom you have to have limits. I would of stayed home too!