Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus

While I've never seen that Hannah Montana show nor have I heard Miley Cyrus sing, of course I know who she is, I work in an elementary school after all plus she's everywhere these days. I decided to see what all the hullabaloo is about over her Vanity Fair photo. I admit, I'm torn. But first, check out an old cover of the magazine with the same type of picture featuring Diana Ross. She's very pretty and very sexy.
Now check out Miley. On one hand to me she looks like she just had a romp in bed and is now covering up with the bed sheet like they do on TV. Knowing she is 15 years old I think it's somewhat inappropriate to project that provocative image. And why is a 15 year old even on the cover of Vanity Fair? Tiger Beat I can understand. (I can't believe that magazine is still around. I read it in the days of Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.)
On the other hand my first thought was she looked like the skinny waif on the Les Miserables poster.

I think is she were my daughter she wouldn't have posed like that. She has lots of years ahead to do that.


Craze said...

I agree with you! But I do think there was a lot of contraversy about that pic and she made an official apology. But still..

Mr. Fabulous said...

Tiger Beat! Nice reference!

Kitten Herder said...

Any magazine that would print such a provocative picture of a 15 year old should apologize. Plus, I saw some of the shots from the shoot with a guy who is at least a dozen years older than her. Can you say kiddie soft porn?

So, Disney, are you listening? A pregnant sixteen year old (Jamie Lynne Spears)? A fifteen year old doing sex kitten photo layouts? I think Disney needs to step back and think about THEIR image right now.