Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Ears

Do you know an I Can Top That person? Or maybe an All About Me person? I've associated with both kinds and can't decide which type is the lesser of the two evils. I used to work with an I Can Top This person. No matter what you'd say whether it be about something your kid did, some place you went or an encounter with a crazy driver on the expressway, their kid did it too only it was better or worse, they went to a better beach, city, resort, game and they had an even crazier driver experience. This kind of person is most often doubly infected with the All About Me syndrome. Right now the person I work with has a chronic case of this, it's all her, all the time. Every time you try and talk about something the subject gets turned around so the conversation is about her.On and on she goes and if you're successful in getting a word in, it's like she doesn't even hear you.

I readily admit that we're all guilty of this behavior now and then but all the time? It gets on my nerves. I'll give you an example. This person complains about certain behaviors in students and when I try and offer strategies it falls on deaf ears. I've come to the conclusion that she really doesn't want my input or opinion since she never listens. She knows my family and when I told her that my oldest got a great nursing job in New York City, her response, "my son just got a part time job at XXXXXXXX, he's so happy, he'll have some spending money" blah, blah, blah. Now I realize it's his first job and it's exciting so I do the appropriate ooh and ahhing. But no word about my news, nothing.I've always been a good listener, validate people's feelings and so on but with her I'm beyond trying anymore.I'm just going to give up and let her talk or just walk away while she's talking. She never "hears" me anyway.

The thing is I work with her everyday. And everyday she thanks me for my help, tells me she loves me and she couldn't do her job without me. I know she's grateful and appreciative and she's a good teacher but I'm suffering from All About Me burn out. It's making me crazy.

I just sounded mean and petty didn't I?


ME said...

No you don't sound petty at all. I'm sure we all do know this type of person and it can definately be annoying!

Kitten Herder said...

You are not petty. And I LOVE Happy Bunny. Maybe you can get her that particular image on a button or something and annonymously leave it on her windshield. :D