Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here I am in a picture taken this past Monday at school. We took individual pictures of all the kids for a project. We're going to grow a garden on our bulletin board by cutting out our picture in a circle then cutting flower petals to glue around it. Hey, it's kindergarten. Anyway, here I am but this leads to another story...

I don't think that there is a woman alive that doesn't complain about or have a problem part of their body. Well I'm not going to complain about my boobs, ass, hair, arms or any other parts. I'm going to talk about one of the things I do like; my lips. In my opinion I have a decent pair of lips. The lower one is rather pouty and the upper one is nicely full with a nice lip line. Now that I think about it, this post is a complaint because a few weeks ago I noticed that I had a chapped spot on my upper lip. Now usually when I get chapped lips it's a precursor to coming down with something. That didn't happen. But the lip stayed chapped ignoring the fact that I was slathering Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm on it. As you can see in the above picture there is just a little redness on the upper left side six days ago. Little by little the crud has been creepin' across my top lip. It's puffy, tingly, red and chapped looking. I now look like Daisy from Rock of Love II.

Well just the lip part. Yes, I admit it. I watch that silly show on VH1. When the writer's strike was on I picked up some bad TV habits. I became addicted to reality TV. I started watching this one and it is so bad but I have to tune in every week to see how these women behave themselves while competing for Brett Michael's love. Most are skanky looking but a few are pretty. All just fawn over him like he's a God. While he's not bad looking, I like the long hair even though he's a blond but when he wears the eyeliner that blows it.
On to another subject. How can people do this to their dog? That poor thing looks ridiculous.
I am so pleased that my favorite shows are back on the air. I dearly missed The Office. The first season it was on I couldn't watch it. I spent too many years working in an office and that shit is not funny when you've really worked with morons. But something about the second season, I now love it. My other guilty pleasure is 30 Rock. Kenneth (Jack McBray) steals every scene he's in. If you've never seen it, watch it. Now where this part of the post is going is this. I do not like Oprah. I can't pinpoint exactly why except so many people blindly follow her and whatever she says as Gospel. Maybe I'm jealous of all her money but there's just something about her. Anyway I just read that she may guest star on 30 Rock. Oh please, please don't do it.

Okay, time for Rock of Love II. Tonight Brett decides who will stay in his house and rock his world. It comes down to Daisy or Ambre. If Brett thinks with his head he'll pick Ambre, she closer to his age and would be better for his young daughters. If he thinks with his other head he'll pick Daisy. She's young, wild and willing to do anything to have him. Insert eye roll here.


Kitten Herder said...

I LOVE Burt's Bees Pomegranate lip balm!

I too am happy that many of my shows are sneaking back on the air. However, it's creating massive dilemmas for me. I picked up some new shows during the strike. They're still on. My old shows are coming back. Plus, school started up again for me a week ago. Then, I've also rediscovered how much I love to read.

I guess I'm just going to have to quit my job!

Slick said...

I can't stand kissing Trish after she has put on lipstick....

There's a little useless info for ya.

Ha! Now I know what Summer looks like!

All smilin' and stuff.... :)

Craze said...

Yay for complimenting yourself on something you do like about you! I've never seen any of those shows, I guess I should tune in! But I am glad that the new espisodes are starting. FINALLY!