Saturday, April 19, 2008

My husband and youngest son are on a Boy Scout trip to Ottawa and Toronto Canada for three days. That means it's just me and the dog at home. While I usually enjoy my time alone when they go on these trips, this time, not so much. I haven't slept well and the most exciting thing I've done with my time is buy some new underwear. Woohoo.
Now that the news of my son moving to New York City has started to sink in I'm feeling sort of overwhelmed by it. Kevin will be moving away. Now he has been away from home for four years while in college but this is just so permanent. Once he's gone he will probably never live with us again. He will be building his own life separate from ours. Yes, I know that's what kids do eventually but it just happened so fast. He was just in kindergarten not long ago. Being a parent is a huge part of your life for the first 21 years then poof, they become an adult. I can only hope that we've done our job and given him the tools he needs to succeed in life on his own in the big city. I'm just feeling very sentimental, hubby isn't home to discuss this with, he doesn't know yet and I'm not going to call and cry on his shoulder. He'll just feel bad that he's not here. I haven't told anyone in the family. I want Kevin to share his news. This really is the right decision, the decision I wanted him to make. I didn't tell him that, I just said I will support any choice he made and would be fine either way, local or out of town. Sorry, I'm rambling.
I went to dinner by myself tonight, just to a burger joint near our house and was in line behind a senior citizen (she looked about 65) who was taking forever to order, then she had to search through her purse for her money and count out a bunch of change. Honestly, three people in the line next to me ordered before I did. She finally finished but decided to change her order at the last minute. Meanwhile she's already paid for it. Now it has to be rerung. Grrrr. My turn! I order my food, get my little buzzing/flashing thingy and look for a seat. I find the only one left and look at the booth across from me, here sits this lady with her mother. She proceeded to argue with her mother and was pretty rude to her. Of course I don't know beans about their relationship, maybe mom is a hand full but everything out of her mouth was a complaint or criticism of mom. One of their conversations went like this.
Senior Citizen: oh they always do this, they can't get my order right.
Mom: Why? What's the matter?
S.C.: I always order shredded lettuce like they put on the burgers on a plate with some tomatoes and I ask for salad dressing to go along with my fish fry.
Mom: Why don't you just order a side salad?
S.C.: I can't believe you don't get it. It's because I would have to pay for that.
Now I was raised right, I respect my elders, if all goes according to my plan I hope to be a senior citizen myself one day. I just don't want to be one like that. It was depressing.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Nice blog! Thanks so much for voting in my contest! Your comment brought me over here and I'm glad it did!

Hallie :)

Unknown said...

I dunno, I lost my parents at early age...but my cousin is also gonna leave house to work and I can understand how my aunt is feeling about it...though she is happy about her son's success, she will miss him too.

it was a nice read.