Sunday, May 17, 2009

Showing my age

I can tell that I'm starting to feel old. My favorite songs are now called "classic rock" or "oldies". My parents and I can complain to each other about our various aches and pains.
And I am trying to relive my youth. How? you ask.
I. Want. This. Car.
Muscle cars bring back many memories and I love to see them on the road. Every year you see less and less of them. What a thrill if you see a 1969 Camero Z28 or a GTO. They became very popular in the mid 60's through the 70's when I was an impressionable young girl.
I watch Mecum muscle car autions on TV and can't believe the prices that some of them go for. The buyers of these cars have it worse than I do not to mention they've got much more disposable income. A muscle car was never in my future but that's okay, I like a little more luxury than what an original offers.

Then I see this car...

I will have this car.

Maybe not this year but I will have it.
Honey, start planning for it.


Gman said...

Yes you are getting old, frumpy and set in your ways, LOL! As we get older we turn into our parents, it's the curse......!

Summer said...

Speak for yourself, no where did I say I was frumpy!! Never have been and never will be. :)

Gman said...

you didn't, I did!!!!!!

Gman said...

I hit frumpy at 35 and I don't care!

Kitten Herder said...

I like the looks of those cars, but they are never comfortable for me. Plus, most of them don't have AC, so they're not on my list.

My body is old, I know it. However, my brain is rebelling against aging. I am constantly picking up new music and I try to watch at least one youth-oriented tv show each season. Not only do I really enjoy this stuff, but it gives me some minor insight into the alien who lives in my house and cause himself my progeny.

Fight the power! Fight aging!