Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Adam Lambert

Love him or hate him, is there any in between?
Some don't like him because they say he screams. Me, well I love it. I don't call it screaming because he can do it on pitch. He reminds me of one of my all time favorite Freddie Mercury. Both of them can hit those high notes and hold it.
Last weeks performance I thought was a little over the top coming down the stairs and all but I still liked the music. His look I'm not so sure of. I'm a fan of long hair on guys, think Ace Young but I don't like long hair on guys when it looks like it takes too much work to style and I don't like the guy liner.
I was very surprised when Lambert landed in the bottom three last week. That could have been for several reasons.
1.His fans think other fans are voting for him so they don't. I've never voted for anyone on American Idol but did vote for Emmit Smith on DWTS.

2. The other contestants are catching up to him by improving every week. I think the dark horse is Chris, the girls in the audience scream for him.

3. There are rumors about Lambert's sexuality out there so he has lost some of the female vote now that their fantasy has been crushed and maybe some of the male votes also. Yes, in searching for pictures of Adam I did come across some same sex kissing pics (if you want to see 'em you'll have to search for yourself) but for me, I couldn't care less, I love his voice and if he doesn't win well I'll.... I'll...

I'll never watch American Idol again.

Tonight I'd be in heaven if he'd sing Queen's Someone to Love.
My second choice would be Guns and Roses Welcome to the Jungle.
Click on the links to listen and see if you agree.


Gman said...

Well it could also be that he is lacking as a individual commercially viable product. His package is neat and bundled, but he sounds like people we have heard before. A little Freddy Mercury here, maybe a little Michael Hutchence from INXS, maybe a few others as well. Sure the sexuality thing doesn't help, but he isn't anything new and unusual. He appears to be the best of this motley group of Idols, but does he have the staying power to break the recent Idol jinx??? I can't say that he does anything to indicate that he will. Time will tell because rumors say he is this season's winner....