Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Adam,

I didn't just jump on the Adam Lambert band wagon.

I've been your fan since Hollywood week.

I predicted then that you'd be the winner.

I've defended you to others who say you just scream.
Disagreed with some that say you sound like people we've heard before. Yes, you can belt it out, hit and hold the notes like Freddie Mercury, Axel Rose, Steven Tyler, Michael Hutchence etc. but you don't sound like them. Whether you sing an in your face rock song or a quiet ballad you do it well, mix it up and put your own spin on it.

That being said, last night
the moon wasn't in the seventh house and Jupiter didn't align with Mars because I didn't care for you. And that's okay. I don't love every Queen or Guns 'n Roses tune. I'm still calling you the winner.

Now if you don't win; I've said it before and I'll say it again...
No wait, that was Scarlett O'Hara
but for real, I will never watch American Idol again.


Gman said...

in the immortal words of your president, his "body of work is yet to come", so in other words, until he breaks the latest idol jinx and outsells Kelly or Carrie- don't bust the wagon jumpin on it so hard....

Anonymous said...

Dear summer,

Adam is a good artist. He makes up for what he doesn't have with his flair and persona. He will win this idol because Simon says so and he is the best out of this bunch of competitors. However, he has lost some of his appeal to the younger crowd since he refused to speak on his orientation and left more questions than answers. That makes it a bit difficult to market him, especially with what happened to Clay Aiken. Whether you want to admit it or not, he DOES sound like a lot of other people, and he does scream at times. But its ok for you to gush all over him. This is your blog and you can say he will be the next Elvis if you want to. But Idol is now a tired franchise, Simon will be leaving soon, and Adam's album sales will reflect this uncertainty along with his 'closet' issues. I am sure you will run out and buy 10 albums, but in the end I don't think he will outsell any of the recent male idols like Daughtry, who didn't even win. I know you are not a realist and you wont listen to a word written, but I thought I would post a reality check anyhow.....

Summer said...

Dear Anonymous,
What's nice about a blog is I can put my opinion out there and the beauty of it is that you don't have to agree with it. However when I don't agree with someone and choose to voice that I never do anonymously. I take ownership for my opinions.

In this day and age I think his "closet" issue is a non-issue. Gay or not I think he has a great voice. Will I buy his CD, maybe. I don't typically buy music just listen to the radio. Do you not like him because he's not mainstream?

I think he has a long promising career in front of him and will be a successful artist.

As far as me being a realist, trust me, I've had some HUGE reality checks in my life that I've never written about but I assure you I live in the real world and thank you very much but I don't need your reality check.

While I'm not a polyanna I am an optimist and a glass half full type person and if that makes me out of touch with reality in your world, so be it.

As for not listening to a word written, I heard you loud and clear.

Summer said...

Oh and funny you mention Elvis in your comment. I think Adam resembles him somewhat.

Gman said...

OOOOOOOOH fistfight, fistfight! get em, get em!!! I so love the drama in here LOL!