Sunday, May 31, 2009

Born to Ride

Several weeks ago hubby and I were driving along on the expressway when we came along side two bikers decked out in full biker regalia. We were in the left lane, bikers in the right. When we passed them the lead biker turned his head very slowly and looked at me...
and this is what he was wearing under his helmet. I have to tell you it was very cool. I smiled, he nodded. I told my son about it and he said he had to show me something.

Who needs a skull face mask when you can tattoo your face with a skull. I don't really shock very easy but when I saw this looking at me I was speechless. He looks so young under all that ink and has beautiful eyes. What would posses someone to do this to themselves?

Here he is again after even more tattoo work done. There's someone out there for everyone so I don't doubt he'll find a woman that will find him attractive but how will he ever get a job except in a freak show? I tried to find some information about this young man and all I found out is that he's from Montreal.
But back to motorcycles. When I was a teenager I thought I'd like a motorcycle but then I was on the back of my former brother-in-law's Harley and that cured me. It was the scariest ride ever because of course he had to show off. I think I almost peed my pants. But that ride didn't stop me from admiring a good Harley. Forget those foreign ones and racing bikes. As for riding a motorcycle now, well in Florida I fell off of my mother's bicycle and my knee still is giving trouble. I'll stick to riding in a car.

Not only did it hurt, it was down right embarrassing!