Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm exhausted

It was a busy day at school this week but when you work in kindergarten every week is busy. Our school has four half day kindergarten classes, two in the morning, two in the afternoon. I work in all four of them on a rotating basis. Every year in May we go to the zoo and that event took place this week. I went to the zoo twice. With a total of 66 kids. On Wednesday the morning kindergartners had school all day with zoo in the morning, lunch in the cafeteria with the big kids and class work in the afternoon. The afternoon kindergarten class had the day off. The next day it's reversed. It makes for a long day for them, esp. the afternoon kids since they aren't used to coming in early.
The elephants were a hit the first day.
We saw them have a bath.
Snakes, don't like 'em.
We have garter snakes in our yard.
Thank goodness we've got no pythons or boas.
A bald eagle nest, they're huge.
The next day the elephants weren't interested in us. All we saw was their back end but the boys were impressed when "nature called". They begged for me to take a picture. The girls were grossed out. I didn't take it.

This guy was happy to see us.

I'm not a big fan of our type of zoo. Most of the animals are in cages. In the Toronto zoo they have so much space to roam that we didn't see many of them. My favorite part are the sea lions.
The children loved them and I think the sea lions liked them too.

A beaded lizard.
I once worked in a classroom that had a bearded dragon for a pet. He was very friendly and we would take it out of it's aquarium. I only did it a few times because every time I took it out it would crap. Hubby said I just scared the shit out of it. Gee thanks. I speak from experience, lizard crap stinks, it must have been the live crickets it ate.

I told you it was a long day for some.


Robin said...

I love the zoo! Sea lions are pretty cool. They seem to tolerate captivity rather well. If you like them, you should watch "50 First Dates". Adam Sandler works at a Sea World-like place, with the sea mammals. It's a lovely and funny movie with a few humorous bits with the animals.