Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the winner is...

I'm not really sure who it will be.
Last week there were just a million votes separating the two.

Why it could be Adam

1. He's got a voice and knows how to use it. His range is better than Kris's and let's face it, he's got the bigger vocals.
2. He's got the look and knows how to use it. This guy can pull off the reserved ballad singer in a suit and slicked back hair but when he sashays out on stage wearing the leather, bling and guy liner he knows how to rock it "hair band" style. Kris is cute in a very safe way and we didn't see many differences in his style.

3. He's got the rock fans behind him including the older ones like myself who grew up listening to his type of music.

Why it could be Kris

1. He does have a nice voice that many people like. His vocals can be played on more radio stations than Adam's. You won't find Adam belting it out in grocery stores, restaurants or elevators.
2. He has the look that many like; clean cut, cute and all American. What you see is what you get. He's not a chameleon like Adam.

3. He's got the power of the tween votes. Did you see his video clip when he visited his home town? It was mostly young girls. Adam's also had young girls but I saw plenty of older fans too. Plus I think that Dan Gokey's fans will vote for Kris. They were alike in a lot of ways.

Kris seems very vanilla to me while Adam is definitely rocky road.
I honestly don't know who will win.
My heart says Adam but I don't think it's a given.