Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Rise and Fall of Summer

Autumn is not my favorite time of year. Many people love it but I really hate the dreary, rainy, damp days that seem to proliferate the season. Of course there are the warm sunny days of Indian Summer and then I understand why people love fall. The past few days have been like that. Brilliant sunshine, deep blue skies and cool temps for sleeping at night.
Another thing I don't like are naked trees. While the falls colors are beautiful I know that in a few weeks they will be gone and I'll be left looking at bare branches. To me I equate fall to the death of summer and spring its rebirth.

Ever wonder what happens when leaves change color? From the time the bud bursts open and becomes a leaf it takes carbon dioxide from the air and water in through their roots, add some sunshine to the mix and the tree produces its own food called glucose (sugar). The process is called photosynthesis and is helped along by a chemical called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll also makes the leaves green.
All summer long the leaves have the ingredients of fall colors. Carotenoids make yellow and orange leaves. Anthocyanins make red, purple and brown leaves. In the fall the tree slows down and eventually stops photosynthesis, chlorophyll stops being produced, hence no more green leaves. This allows the hidden colors to come out show off.
In fall the sky seems to be bluer than summer. I'm guessing because the high temperatures of summer are gone taking the haze and humidity with them.
This is the last climates from my garden. I picked it and was going to float it in a crystal bowl of water.
My mistake was letting Cody sniff it first.


tornwordo said...

At least all he ate was the flower and not your fingers! With sara's bad eyesight we always have to be careful of that lol.

Craze said...

I've never much cared for Fall either... it's so blah and sad.

Slick said...

Great pics Summer.

I love the crisp air. Oh, and Fall is a daily reminder that it's FOOTBALL season!! :)