Thursday, October 16, 2008


Nothing much new in my neck of the woods. We went on a field trip to the firehouse this week with our kindergartners. The goal was to teach them about community helpers, fire safety, what to do in a fire and not to play with fire.
A firefighter got dressed in his gear in front of the students so they could see what he looked like before and after. We also wanted them to hear him. A firefighter fully decked out can be somewhat scary with the mask covering his face. We had him speak to the children so they could hear his muffled voice and his breathing with the mask and air tank. Basically teach them not to be afraid, to go to the firefighter if in a fire, not to hide under the bed or closet because he/she looks and sounds frightening. One Star Wars fan said he sounded like a good Darth Vader. The firefighter got down on his hands and knees and let them all touch him and his equipment. He was a good sport. The fire department also has a trailer than can simulate a smokey room. The room has two doors in it and somehow it fills with fake smoke. The students are taught to get on their hands and knees, crawl to the door and feel it before opening. The door heats up and is warm when they touch it so they go out the other door.
After checking out the fire vehicles in the station they moved the hook and ladder truck out and yours truly went up in the bucket.
We went up about 100 feet.
And had a bird's eye view of the surrounding area. While it was fun there is no way I'd want to be a firefighter. Thank God someone wants to be one.


Craze said...

Doing that is such a great educational experience. I remember Pedro coming home from a similar day and telling me what to do if there was a fire.

Kitten Herder said...

Way cool. I couldn't have gone up in the bucket.