Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New York City Part One

My weekend in NYC was great. No drama, no arguing, no one getting in a huff. There was some pouting going on with my 13 year old niece but hey, she's 13. We left Friday morning and after walking through the metal detector at the airport I set it off. They had me walk through again. Set it off again. The officer asked if I had any metal on me, I said no. He then asked me to step aside and into the searching area. I then remembered ahhh, my knee brace. It's become part of me and I forgot all about it. I told him that was what was setting it off, I would pull up my pant leg and show him. "Too late he said. Once we pull you out of line we have to go through the entire process." So there I waited for a female officer. I wondered what are they going to do that they need a female officer and where were they going to do it because I was in a glassed in room. She finally came and proceeded to wand me. Then I had to sit down while she checked my feet, swabbed my socks and hands for explosives and had me show her the brace. In the mean time I told her that my purse was out at the end of the conveyor belt waiting to be picked up. I told her I wanted my purse, didn't want it unattended. Her reply, "you can see it from here, it's fine." "NO it's not. I would like it in here, anyone walking through after me can pick it up. It has all my money in it." She did eventually bring in the whole tray of my stuff. There was only one shoe there. She looks at me in all seriousness and asked me if I only had one shoe. WTF? I had several responses go through my mind but didn't want to get searched anywhere else so I said, no, I wore two shoes this morning. Finally I got the all clear and could join my group who had been waiting like 20 minutes now.
We met Kevin's girlfriend on Saturday night. She's very personable and beautiful. He's very happy. She passed the test and we all liked her.

The weather was okay. Cloudy and cool with some rain off and on. Saturday afternoon was gorgeous with blue sky and the temp was just right.
This is in Rockefeller Center, 30 Rock and the fountain with Prometheus would be behind me.

Our hotel was located right next door to Grand Central Terminal and was extremely convenient. On the left is the front of the terminal and on the right, the Chrysler Building.
This is the side of Grand Central and the view from my hotel room window.
We took the Greyline bus tour around town and you come very close to the traffic lights.
I would like to live in New York City for about 6 months, experience everything the city has to offer and oh, I'd like to live here. This building looks out over Central Park. Hey, a girl can dream.


Anonymous said...

I love your background!!!! That sounds like a lot of fun. I really want to go to new York City.

Marta Bass said...

I love New York Gracias por tus imágenes.
Un saludo desde Argentina

Slick said...

Great pictures!!

I'd love to visit but I'll leave living there for you.

Kevin has himself a looker!

Craze said...

I've never been and would love to go. Hey, if you need a travel partner for that 6 month living experience, let me know!

Man, what an ordeal at the airport? I can't believe they asked you if you only wore one shoe!

Glad you had a GREAT time!