Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Update

How was your weekend? Mine was good. Sunday hubby and I took a drive down to Letchworth State Park. It's referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East and was formed by the Genesee River. Now I've never been to the Grand Canyon but I'm sure it's much more impressive.

A turkey vulture soaring on the thermal air currents. While they're quite graceful they are butt ugly. Unless you're another turkey vulture.

One of three major waterfalls in the park uniquely named the Upper Falls.
Oh, it's me!

I think we were about a week too late for peak leaf peeping. While there were beautiful color left many trees were naked.
The river gorge and Genesee River

Playing in the leaves. Some boys never grow up.

While on the way to the park we came across a deer that had been hit by a car. We have so many white tailed deer up here it's not unusual to see a few along the side of the road. It took me a few seconds to figure out why this particular one looked different. Then I realized why. It had no head. I don't mean it was smushed or ripped off during it's dance with a car. I mean the someone had cleanly cut the poor thing's head off. Cut. It. Off. My question is this? Who happens to have something in their car that can cleanly cut off the head of a large animal. Obviously it was a buck and must have had a nice rack. Will this person now claim that he (I say he because I can't imagine a woman doing this), tracked this animal and after much skill and marksman ship killed it and had its head stuffed so he can hang it in his rumpus room? Ugh.
The cheapest gas in the area is about 3 miles from my house. Woo Hoo! 3.10 per gallon.


Anonymous said...

$3.10 a gallon?? Shoot we are paying $ need to move north;)
Your pictures are beautiful..I posted some of my own from a weekend trip.

Craze said...

I think I'd like to be around when Karma pays that fool back. WHO does that kind of stuff? I got gas yesterday for $3.25 and I was pretty excited. Beautiful pics!

Kitten Herder said...

Beautiful pictures. The deer story was disgusting. I've seen gas at $2.53 one place. We're living in very weird times, economy-wise.

Sue said...

That spot is beautiful! I had never heard of it! Better yet a picture of "summer" in the fall!
Ewwww, about cutting off the head for a fine rack. Honestly, what type of person does this?
Oh and the Cape just hit under $3, wahoooooooo!